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Announcement: Posting Guide. PLEASE READ.

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It has come to our attention lately that there has been a lot of hostility on the forum between members. We would like everyone to take a few minutes to read the following set of rules as a reminder of what they are and why they need to be followed. We are not going to be as lenient as we have been in the past in dealing with the problems that have been surfacing lately. The behavior of and between some members has been, simply put, immature, and will no longer be tolerated. Lanaboards is a strong, close-knit community and we intend to keep it that way.
  • Be respectful of all members, regardless of whether or not you agree with them.
  • There is a fine line between sass and blatant disrespect, you know where it is so don't cross it.
  • Do not start flame wars/stan wars.
  • Do not victimise other members.
  • Try to post well thought out responses that are interesting to read, this is an issue of quality over quantity. Liking a post you agree with is more practical than replying with "omgz!!! I agree!!"
  • Try to search for threads before you create them
  • No download links are to be posted in threads or statuses, keep them in PMs
  • Keep requests in the Request Thread (located under media)

- The Moderating Team

Thank you so much to Neal for suggesting this guide and to Hundred Dollar Bill for helping out with putting this guide together, it is greatly appreciated. Should you have any inquiries on what is acceptable/unacceptable do not hesitate to message either us or any other mod.