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2020 USA Democratic Presidential Primary & Election

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Posted 06 October 2018 - 02:56 PM

this thread will enable these type of posts to not intrude on other non- political, non-USA, threads for those posters that do not wish to have politics intrude

(even though Lana herself has become quite political and is obviously now a Democratic party voter).


This is about the USA Democratic party and the 50 US states, Washington DC & Five US territories that all wlil vote in primaries & some caucus (but many less than last time). It is thought that there will be 4763 delegates with 2382 needed and the Democratic party has an allotment of delegate system NOT a winner take all

in each contested state/territory & DC. Most anyone can run (with the requirement being one has to be 35 on Jan. 21,2021 (so for instance Alexandria Ocasio Cortez cannot run in this election (but could in 2024 or 2028,etc.)


and the  same requirement for the VP pick the candidate will choose.


This thread will be edited as the time goes along in the next 2 years plus.


For now, some of the candidates I myself would definitely vote for are


California Senator Kamala Harris

Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Wisc Senator Amy Klobucher

Oprah Winfrey

Caroline Kennedy (but most certainly not any male Kennedy)

Michelle Obama

Cecile Richards (known enough on her own, but to those that don't know, daughter of Ann Richards who was really smeared by the Bush family)

Eric Holder

Former Mass. Gov Deval Patrick

Stacey Abrams running for Gov. of Georgia

Former HUD sec. Julian Castro (and/or his twin brother Juaquin)

California Gov. Jerry Brown

NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Senator/SOS John Kerry

VP Al Gore

NJ Senator Cory Booker

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

NJ Gov Phil Murphy

Florida's Andrew Gillum

Most likely not in 2020, but Chelsea Clinton

(and yes I would vote for Hillary should she run).


I figure for the Democratic candidate to win, they are going to need President Obama's core voters, and Hillary's voters.

And IMHO they have to be for wellness, like Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren both are (wellness including being against the NRA/guns.)

and that includes Mike Bloomberg who has said he would only run on the Democratic Party line, and he is after all a liberal.


More than ever IMHO it needs to be a female candidate

and one thing I won't vote for is any libertarian, tea party fraud (like any Ron /Rand Paul Deplorable). 


wiki has a list of about 85 people (including for some reason those they label as not interested, which is basically not true in most of the cases,

most won't decide for the next few weeks until the end of the year early next year. Will be interesting to see as Iowa/NH are not representative of the Demographics of the Democratic Party, thought is California and South Caroline(and the other Southern State primaries) will be a major factor this time.


(to be continued, want to post this before I mess up and it gets wiped out) and it will be continually updated much like the Born to Die billboard thread.


Note to mods- this is not nor should this be part of the trump thread, as this has nothing to do with trump.

This has to do with the Democratic Party and the issues (yes political issues) important to Democratic Party voters

trump himself may or may not be the nominee of the other party, but he has nothing at all to do with the Democratic party. So please do not move this.

And this may be a thread that takes a few months to get started. Thank you.

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Posted 08 October 2018 - 02:31 AM

My best friend worked on the Stacey Abrams for GA campaign and she's lovely :) x

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