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Lana Del Dreams

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#161 OFFLINE   Bartender


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Posted 02 June 2018 - 07:31 AM

SO FAR I have had two dreams 'come true'

-I dreamt a friend and I were talking in a hotel room, when another friend's girlfriend burst in and told us 'she just couldn't go through with it, she couldn't hurt him.' We amicably consoled her and figured out a way for her to break up with our other friend. When I woke up I scrolled through FB and saw that the same girl from my dream (who I've never met) had broken up with our friend, I knew nothing of this beforehand.

-I dreamt my current SO would send me a text reciprocating feelings for me. A week later he sent a text very similar to the one I had dreamt.


-I'm driving on the 202 and an Allegiant Airlines A319 takes of from Mesa-Gateway Airport, right before my eyes it falls from the sky in what looks like a cargo shift and crashes just short of the freeway in a fireball.
~this was PARTICULARLY CONCERNING because last week I flew in an Allegiant A319 out of the same airport to visit family on the same flight path. I accepted death. I get a little antsy seeing A319s take off while driving the westbound 202 now.

( this one is relevant!) -Apparently I'm Lana's neighbor because her house is burning down and I'm trying to console her on the sidewalk while we watch it burn. Only half the house is on fire, the other half is untouched by flames, I tell her to sit down on the curb, give her water, and call the fire department.

This could definitely happen too. Not only does she essentially live within a state that's on fire constantly BUT she smokes ciggs. What's to say there's one lonely ember that starts a fire? Also when you said "westbound" all I thought about was the Lana song 😂
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#162 OFFLINE   Noel


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Posted 02 June 2018 - 07:35 AM

This could definitely happen too. Not only does she essentially live within a state that's on fire constantly BUT she smokes ciggs. What's to say there's one lonely ember that starts a fire? Also when you said "westbound" all I thought about was the Lana song



All very true! I mean I hope not but anything's possible  :creep:

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#163 OFFLINE   Gangsta Queen

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Posted 02 June 2018 - 12:14 PM


Summertime Fantasy

#164 OFFLINE   Downtown Baby Doll

Downtown Baby Doll

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Posted 17 June 2018 - 03:15 AM

So this was totally influenced by the fact that I commented in the Instagram thread about her following The National on IG paired with the fact I was listening to them before I went to sleep, but...last night I had a dream that I was talking to my brother about LDR6, and I remember telling him that it was going to be produced by either a member of The National or the entire band, like Dan Auerbach did with UV, and that's why she followed them on IG.


(Consider it predicted  :hooker: )

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#165 OFFLINE   vbitch



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Posted 15 July 2018 - 08:27 AM

First dream-i saw Lana hanging outside my apartment, I went up to her and told her how much she has changed my life and how much she means to me , she just smiles and asks me for a ride to her job at the coffee shop.

In another dream, I was at one of her shows on her LAtothemoon tour, I was seated nearly in the front row, I had some weed with me so I was getting really high before her show and next thing I know Lana comes on stage and says it smells good, who has the weed? I tell her it's mine, she smiles and asks to join me!
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s a y y e s t o h e a v e n 

#166 OFFLINE   annedauphine


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Posted 31 December 2018 - 05:18 PM

Ok so lol this is gonna sound weird but to cut an extremely long story short I had really bad vivid nightmares all night and out of the complete sudden the tone changed and I started dreaming about Lana headlining as an actress a movie that was vaguely like the Coven season of AHS meets Adam Famiy but completely campy and without anything scary at all. And the thing is. Lana was topless the entire dream khfhgkhghhdgf. Like she wore a long black gothic dress that exposed her entire breast. Except her nipples were covered in green paint. And I remember furiously thinking about it and Lana guessing that I was and she was like "yeaaaaaaah sorry hihihi I had an allergic reaction they need to breathe" and I was screaming thru my dream but the thing that was the most astonishing in this dream was that she was presented as an actress not a singer. And then it started to get rly rly sexual out of the blue (but it was all justified) and even in this perfect fantasy of mine Lana was still straight jghgfhjkl. Anyways A+++++++ dream 100000/10 would dream again

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#167 OFFLINE   Clampigirl


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Posted 31 December 2018 - 10:22 PM

"yeaaaaaaah sorry hihihi I had an allergic reaction they need to breathe"

this made me lol so hard lmaoooo

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#168 OFFLINE   CrazySister


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Posted 03 February 2019 - 12:12 AM

There was this recent dream that it was basically the next video from the NFR era. It reminded me of National Anthem, but in a NFR style (It wasn't 8mm camera, but it was the same home made style). And I say it was similar in the sense that there were a lot of images and scenarios, more people in it and I guess I could say it showed another part of the american life? The scenario was very hick and I remember of seeing a farm actually. AAAAANNNNNDDDD perhaps it was Yosemite playing in the background because...... uuuggghhhhh!!!! I just want it!!!  :angie:  :angie:  :angie:  :angie:


I have another one worth sharing and with the whole Hillsong situation (actually a few comments I saw in the thread), I def think it might put some more questions in my head about this dream again...


#169 ONLINE   SparkleJumpropeNoose


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Posted 03 February 2019 - 12:29 AM

I had the most FUCKED dream ever a few months back where corn eating Lana (I'd link the image I'm referencing but I haven't got it on my computer) killed somebody and hid the body behind a mattress in my basement and then tried to convince her friends who outside of that dream were just my sister's high school friends that she didn't hide a body behind a mattress and that the blood stains weren't blood and halfway through that persuasion it switched to a first person perspective (I have a lot of dreams where it's either in third person or I'm just a spectator which was the case at the start) and I became Lana and once the friends moved the mattress the dream ended

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#170 OFFLINE   godsmonster


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Posted 08 March 2019 - 11:04 PM

I had a really vivid dream about Lana last night:

I was at the site where her new house was being constructed, and it was down the street from my friends house, and it was so vivid I know exactly what part of the street. It sat on top of a ravine (i think thats the right word), with a beautiful view of a city in the distance (in reality you can't see the city, since it was a real city in my state.) It was a beautiful modern house, with huge windows facing the city view, white with some black. There was a huge porch in the back being built, but most of the house was finished.

The next part was I was inside her house, in her kitchen. It was modern just like the rest of the house, and Lana and I sat at her kitchen island, just talking. She was so down to Earth and relax, and it was just like I was talking to one of my friends. The only thing I remember asking her was what she hated the most, and she said "I hate when my fans comment on my photos demanding me to post more" and she laughed, and that's all I remember.

She was wearing a plain white tshirt, and jeans, with her hair up in a ponytail.


#171 OFFLINE   Lilacnicole



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Posted 13 April 2019 - 07:11 AM

I just had such a funny dream which included Lana so I thought I would add it to this thread:

So me and my best friend were at the Grammys and Lana was performing. She had one of those giant bubble balls that she was inside (the ones you usually walk on water with) and then started crowed surfing with it. She was like running on top of the audience and then did these forward rolls and I think she was singing ride. Then Beyoncé came on and performed. Then Beyoncé goes off stage and everybody leaves because they think that the Grammys are over but Beyoncé comes back on stage and finishes her performance but we were the only ones in the audience. Then she gets off stage and says we did a great job dancing and stuff but she was a bit sad that everyone left then I was going crazy screaming as I was talking to Beyoncé. Then I say “we’re having a sleepover do you want to come” to cheer her up. She was like “omg yes” and then we all go to my house and I put the music channel on in my bedroom and it keeps turning off so I keep getting annoyed so I put music from tidal (Marina) on from my phone and us 3 are dancing crazy jumping on my bed and around the room to it. Then we take selfies with her and I woke up.

#172 OFFLINE   Downtown Baby Doll

Downtown Baby Doll

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Posted 04 August 2019 - 05:18 PM

Reviving this thread to post about my dream I had about her this morning:

I dreamt I went to my local Walmart on NFR release day and Lana was standing outside the entrance meeting fans and taking photos lol. (One of the Cali stans was with her, which is...odd, since I live in the middle of the country.) I stood in line to meet her and when it was finally my turn, I started crying and told her, “You and your music means so much to me, I love you so much...but you probably get that all the time.” She laughed and told me, “always follow your dreams, because that’s what I did, and look at me now!” I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and she grabbed my phone and said “let’s take a picture, baby” and she took a bunch of photos to make sure I’d have at least one good one. I asked her to write anything she wanted on my hand so I could get it tattooed and she wrote something about a car. Then Chuck came out of the store and gave us both cowboy hats lmao and then they left. I went home and told my brother about the whole thing and started sobbing.
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#173 OFFLINE   baddisease


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Posted 04 August 2019 - 05:23 PM

I saw Norman Fucking Rockwell! in a dream before we got the album info. The dream cover looked better tbh. But I like both NFR! covers so no complaints.

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#174 OFFLINE   Clampigirl


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Posted 16 August 2019 - 09:11 AM

I dreamt that the merch store got updated and there were t-shirts and stuff with photos of Lana printed on them, photos from 2005 and forward, and they were in a pop art style or the American flag was featured (like her big bouffant hair was the US flag lol). Some things were limited to special prices for the first 500 buyers or something and I snatched one SO FAST.
Tacky? Yes, but what else can we expect from this era? :hooker:


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