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Honeymoon (Post-Release and Discussion Thread)

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Posted 04 June 2017 - 12:57 PM

HM is the only album that grew on me. I still can't listen to BTD or Paradise without skipping one song.
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Posted 07 June 2017 - 10:15 PM

Sometimes I wake up, in the morning to red, blue and yellow skies . . .


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Posted 08 June 2017 - 05:26 AM

Last night i wrote poetry listening to Honeymoon (art deco especially). It calms me down so much and it gets me back in contact with my self

Its no. 1 for me :smokes:
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Posted 08 June 2017 - 08:16 AM

while i like the other albums as a whole; HM has some of my favorite work of hers- God Knows I Tried is absolutely beautiful, especially when you're on a beach at sunset

( :flutter: ), HBTB & MTWBT are incredible singles and fun breaths of air while listening through the album, and Religion is tied for my favorite song out of her released work, it just embodies my affection with my lovers and how I like mine- owning and softcore worship :)), even the line "when I'm down on my knees you're how I pray" is perfection. Salvatore in itself is also just a nice song. Goddamn I fucking some of the songs themselves but as an album I rarely ever listen to it through and through, although that's the same for every album :/

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Posted 08 June 2017 - 06:53 PM

EDIT: holy shit I wrote a novel. Apologies lol 


Okay. I'm very late to the party but I'd figure that I could still give my opinion on the album since I'm bored. (I'll probably do UV soon). 


First off, High By the Beach. When released as a promotional single, it felt uninspired and out of place. Like it wasn't her sound. I think I was thrown off by the [then in trend] trap beats. The harmonies in the chorus were whimsical and I cringed every time I heard them. Then when the music video came out for it. Uh.. Her running around her freeway house and the CGI was questionable to say the least. I immediately understood the sound once Lana said that HBTB was the last track she made. Because it sounded like it! I think if she approached the track without the trap beats, didn't rush it, and left out that god awful MV, I would've liked it more.  [It gets better later on]. 


When I heard the snippet of the title track, Honeymoon, on IG-- I didn't know what to think of it. [not in a bad way]. It was just that I never heard something like it before. It was slow, minimal, and full of vocal character. The visuals left me intrigued and I am happy it made its way online. Even though it was just her putting on make up, I found it entrancing. She was glowing and actually looked like she was on a Honeymoon. Once the title track came out in full, I was overjoyed. It sounded dreamy, almost melancholic. Slow, but that's what I love. The bridge always leaves me shook. 


Terrence Loves You was an otherworldly experience when I first heard it. I absolutely loved the picture of her with her bangs in what appears to be a botanical garden. The references to Bowie and Major Tom left me an emotional wreck. Especially when David passed, the song made an even deeper impact. It drowned my sorrows as I put it on repeat. Along with Life on Mars?, Starman, and my personal favorite, Lady Grinning Soul.  


Music to Watch Boys to was a track where I was left completely captivated by the instrumental. Such a stark contrast from the heavily processed and rushed production of High by the Beach. Music to Watch Boys to felt organic, ethereal, and right on the nose when it comes to Lana's signature love forlorn. What impressed me was the use of new instruments. The experimentation with oboes, flutes, clarinets, and an omnichord. The music video felt equally dreamy and was impressed with the visuals. Like the guys playing basketball and Lana seductively sipping her drink and brushing her hair. And let's not forget those iconic flower headphones! Despite what HBTB promised, Music to Watch Boys to redeemed Lana in terms of music video visuals. But not for very long-- [Freak MV opinion later on].


When the album finally dropped I was underwhelmed to say the least. I listened to the tracks and felt perplexed-- was this the sound she was trying to go for? Amidst a slow start, the interlude, and then a shift in tone for the last few tracks. And god knows what she was trying to achieve with that Nina Simone cover! It took me more than a month to finally start to appreciate the entirety of Honeymoon. Only when I bought the physical album, came back home and listened on my age defying cd-player did I hear the difference. My opinion shifted. This actually was a multi-layered, experimental album for Lana. And a very personal one at that. After a few more listens did I gain an understanding and deep appreciation for each track. And to this day, I need to listen to at least several tracks on the album to function [along with UV, but I'll get to that in UV's post]


God Knows I Tried felt like Lana reminiscing her life, of how she began and where she is now. Singing them as if they were her last words, saying to God that she knows she did her best-- that she's at peace with everything around her. Heart wrenching!  Religion, a personal favorite, with an acoustic guitar and almost vintage feel. Professing her allegiance to her love. The Blackest Day, where the bridge left my wig burning on the surface of the sun, is another ode to her love who's left her. A mid-tempo bop that should've been released as a single. And underrated gem 24, that needs a film of its own [bye Bond]. The outro and sudden silence / 3 second gasp left me so shook I'm still recovering. 


Freak / Art Deco are two tracks which I consider to be joint. The transition is perfect and even though the tracks touch on different subjects, I feel they shouldn't be separated. When Freak's music video came out, I [and others] got excited when the timing was 10:52. We had hopes she'd include Art Deco in there-- but no. A major waste of 5 minutes that was when it was just the cult of Freak swimming in the sea [or dying??] Even more disappointing when it was revealed that this was rejected Ultraviolence footage. Actually, the whole thing was. The footage suited Ultraviolence so much more [what I saw from fan-made edits]. Such a shame for both Freak, Art Deco, and UltraviolenceBut I presume it was out of Lana's control. So it's forgiven. 


Honeymoon has since then become my joint favorite album of Lana's. The complexity is intriguing and beautiful. Even though it's on the slower side, I love it. And I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but that's fine. At first I thought the album was about her climb to fame, and how she's coping with it. [Alluded by the Starline bus]. But then I saw those tweets about Honeymoon being about obsessive love, and I rest my case there. 


tl;dr despite your flaws, I do love you Honeymoon   :kiss3:

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