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Dayglo Reflection [Bobby Womack feat. Lana Del Rey]

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Posted 22 January 2015 - 12:08 PM

The solo version is nice but the instrumental is so...weird that I can't listen to it without Womack singing over it

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Posted 22 January 2015 - 03:51 PM



I know what I like and it's all good for me :hottie:

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    Lana is my religion

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Posted 15 June 2018 - 08:42 PM

Dayglo: a brand name for a type of brightly-coloured paint that seems to shine especially brightly in ordinary light




The earth is but a dayglo reflection


Dayglo paint is famous for it's quality that it's reflection gives off of a very colorful and nice quality even in ordinary light. Therefore, the first line "the earth is but a dayglo reflection" refers to the idea that Earth, and Life on Earth is only a reflection of something much more wonderful that exists in the background. This is supported by Heaven being mentioned later on in the song.


A turn that will bring you only light
I'm forming to myself, but I'm not going
Waiting for the day to bring me light


This passage refers to time passing as in within a day, depending on tha angle from which the rays of sun hit an object, shadows change and so does the reflection, the quality of life that a person lives. The person singing the song (Bobby Womack) is awaiting better parts of life. He is forming, but not going yet, he is growing but the time did not come yet for him to really step out into the light.


If heaven thinks that everything is everything

The first line is very hard to grasp, Lana tries to tap into how the non-physical, Heaven thinks about life. Within many spiritual circles, it is an accepted concept that we are all one, we are all different expressions of the same wonderful being, and that is why everything really is everything. (And Lana did read books that make these kinds of statements)


The only thing I ever dreamed is you and me
Cause I'd break down, I'd take you down
And I'd love it every step of the way


Lana always wanted this feeling of unity, oneness and love, but it is not easy to get a hold of through human relationships. From earlier interviews we know she always felt she needed someone to be there to be secure, therefore If she could, she would just force the ideal  relationship, make it happen right here and now with someone, if only it was possible. (and she would love it so much every step of the way). This verse expresses the futile struggle of life as we trie to capture the harmony that is so pervasive in the afterlife, the state we all pine for while living on Earth (we're all just looking for connection, we all want to be seen - same idea there)


Watching from a distant constellation

The first obvious question is, what constellation? Since Lana is singing the song, it can only mean the star system we are in, where Lana is singing. Lana feels like the place in the universe she is at the time is far from all these ideals expressed in the song.


Eyes that can see the world in changing hues

The eyes that see clearly, are aware of these truths, see the bigger picture, understand and know what is coming, know what the changing hues, the changes of the world, but also what one's destiny in the afterlife will be like.


Visions still unfolding, sweet images
Time reveals that love's the only truth


While contemplating the concepts of heaven, spirituality, afterlife, we as people can't get a concrete sense of these things with physical senses, but there are people who claim to get visions, or premonitions about what the afterlife is like, and once we die we all return to the same form of energy, which is liquid love, it is true that once your time is down, and you die it will be revealed that love is all that there is, that really is the only truth.


It's been years  and years since I have been listening to this song,and pondering it's secret meaning, and this is the only sense I can make of it. This song is about the wonderful origin of the physical world, separated from our physical senses by a veil, we don't see it but we sense it, over time, with age and practice we can come closer to it, and return to it in death. This song talks about an idea of self-improvement in  Bobby Womack's verse and the sample, and focuses more on the longing towards this ideal place in the Lana penned-lines.

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Posted 15 June 2018 - 08:46 PM

I love this track, one of her better collaborations

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Posted 15 June 2018 - 08:56 PM


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Posted 15 June 2018 - 11:36 PM

this song is SOOO good 

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