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Songs that sounds like LDR's songs

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Posted 31 August 2018 - 04:42 PM

I can only listen to this song when I'm in the pettiest mood ever

Chorus is Born To Die. Don't blame you for not getting that far if that's what happened lol

I don't really hear that that much, but funny you should mention that song...

I thought a Halsey track sounded kinda Lana-ish before Halsey even sang it or was even a thing. #HipsterAlert

No seriously.

Following my own advice to "Keep an Eye on the 'Industry Players'", I follow a lot of music industry accounts on Soundcloud, including one for TaP mgmt, Lana's manager Ben Mawson's company that manages Lana as well as OTTR, TIWMUG, and G&M co-writer Tim Larcombe. So a couple years ago a set labeled "Tim Larcombe" popped up on there which included two instrumental tracks labeled "BT I" and "BT II", "BT" presumably standing for "backing track", which sounded vaguely Lana-esque so I saved them in case they ended up being used on an album. (I'm not exactly sure when they appeared. This archive.org snapshot indicates they were uploaded in October 2012, but I'm not sure they were public that early. I saved them in September 2013, but I know I found them awhile before I got around to ripping them.) Anyway, fast forward to this morning when I was listening to Halsey in order to defend her detractors from a more educated position when I listened to "Strange Love" and experienced some major déjà vu. I recognized the backing track instantly as "BT I". Sure enough, Tim Larcombe is indeed the producer of "Strange Love":

Listen to a copy of "BT I" (click on the Soundcloud link below it if the embedded stream doesn't work) that I uploaded as a private track in April 2014 to show to @Monicker, who deemed it "pretty uninspired":
Listen on Soundcloud.com


I don't think Halsey is a complete ripoff of Lana; she's extremely derivative of her contemporaries in general, one of them being Lana. Her voice doesn't sound at all like Lana. Only a couple songs sound like Lana ripoffs ("New Americana" being the most blatant well-documented example). But she occupies a lyrical universe that overlaps a lot with Lana's. However, being a documented fan of Lana with a song title the same as one of Lana's with a backing track possibly even written for Lana by a producer that worked with Lana and has the same management as Lana... I know some of that's probably coincidence, but it's all just a little too much. And it's easy to imagine her going, "OMG, you worked with Lana? OMG, Can I work with you? OMG, you've got a backing track you wrote for Lana that she didn't use? OMG, can I use it? Great! I'll name it after one of her unreleased tracks!"

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Posted 03 September 2018 - 05:05 AM

Yesterday, I listened to Bebe Rexha's Don't Get Any Closer and I couldn't help but feel like I had heard the chorus melody before. The 'don't get any closer' part at least. This might just be me but later on it reminded me of Lana's Break My Fall when she goes "don't go and blow it all." I feel crazy thinking this so is it just me?


was about to post this, it reminds me of something that would be on Ultraviolence

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 03:46 PM

1. White Mustang def gave me To Build A Home from The Cinematic Orchestra vibes when I listened for the first time:



2. Gramma reminds me of All The Right Moves from One Republic:



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