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Beautiful People Beautiful Problems

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#21 OFFLINE   LostLolita



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Posted 21 July 2017 - 12:18 PM

This is my favourite song on the album so far. Lana + Stevie = just heavenly. Long live their reign, and long live their love!! <3  

Love is a setting sun // Is a smoking gun // Is a four letter word // I hope it hurts 

#22 OFFLINE   fl0ridakil0s


    Coney Island Queen

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 12:20 PM

Less favorite song. Beautiful lyrics but Stevie's part is so anoying omg, her voice sounds bad   :deadbanana: I'm a little sad about it, I didn't expected that


#23 OFFLINE   JamiDelRey



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Posted 21 July 2017 - 04:55 PM

I don't know about anyone else, but in Stevie's verse I hear "blue is the collar" which makes more sense to me 

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#24 OFFLINE   Aquababe


    Miss Daytona

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 06:31 PM

I don't know about anyone else, but in Stevie's verse I hear "blue is the collar" which makes more sense to me

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#25 OFFLINE   WhiteHydrangea


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Posted 22 July 2017 - 12:09 AM

Stevie Nicks voice sounds so good, I love this song, it's one of my favorite on the record, it exceeded my expectactions, it's everything I wanted a Lana collaboration to be.


I really really love the verses :sadcore:

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#26 OFFLINE   khris



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Posted 22 July 2017 - 12:13 AM

imagine hating this song because of stevie. lana should be more grateful she got to work with one of the most iconic women of rock of all time.  :crossed:  :crossed:  stevie MADE this song better

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#27 OFFLINE   WhiteHydrangea


    The Youngest Of Rainbows

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 12:53 AM

imagine hating this song because of stevie. lana should be more grateful she got to work with one of the most iconic women of rock of all time.  :crossed:  :crossed:  stevie MADE this song better


Tbh, other great female collaboration I really liked (can't talk for everyone else tho) was Hey Girl by Lady Gaga and Florence Welch and I was thinking earlier "wow, BPBP is so good, Hey Girl was so good too but there's no comparison, Florence is good, Lady G is good but Stevie Nicks is a legend", I'm pretty sure they both wish to be able to have a collab with her, even if it's just her helping them write a little verse on a song just to say "hey, I made a track with the witch queen Stevie Nicks"...


I got the chills when I heard their voices together

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#28 OFFLINE   alligatorblood



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Posted 22 July 2017 - 12:58 AM

The chord progression in this gives me heavy Black Beauty vibes at the beginning, but it's very cool how the song progresses into something different entirely. Their voices sound lovely together too!

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#29 OFFLINE   Ecneicsnoc



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Posted 22 July 2017 - 08:00 AM

This is the album seller of the bunch. Stevie sounds incredible on this. Not sure why Lana's voice is so muffled-sounding in comparison. Great song.

#30 OFFLINE   Creyk


    Lana is my religion

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 08:11 AM

This is the album seller of the bunch. Stevie sounds incredible on this. Not sure why Lana's voice is so muffled-sounding in comparison. Great song.

She has a "little voice", apparently and Stevie told her to just own it

#31 OFFLINE   Trash Magic

Trash Magic

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 08:00 PM

This instant classic blew me away. She fucking won.

#32 OFFLINE   Constantine


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Posted 22 July 2017 - 08:15 PM

This sing grew on me. Both ladies are great on it

#33 OFFLINE   Trash Magic

Trash Magic

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 08:16 PM


This sing grew on me. Both ladies are great on it

My dude's a feminist

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#34 OFFLINE   Nate Bertino

Nate Bertino


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Posted 23 July 2017 - 03:14 PM

It's "'Til it runs red" or "Their lips run red"? I'm confused.

This is the screenshot from Apple Music.



#35 OFFLINE   Stargirl


    the blade runner version of lust for life

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Posted 23 July 2017 - 03:17 PM

"Long live our reign, long live our love"


Whose reign (over Earth) is she talking about here? Is she in a relationship with the President or something? All I can think of is Hit and Run "Hit and run the world. You and me, on a spree, takin' over."

large.pngygRA7p0.gif large.png

#36 OFFLINE   theeternalstars



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Posted 26 July 2017 - 10:55 PM

Ok, great gowns, beautiful gowns :hooker:

 catch       me      if      you       can 

#37 OFFLINE   strange weather

strange weather

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Posted 28 July 2017 - 07:18 PM

any interpretations? what are they trying to say with this song? i'm struggling to make sense of the message.


beautiful people with beautiful problems=celebrities? or is she looking through a lens of everyone's problems being "beautiful"? 

  mysteries of love 

#38 OFFLINE   Lona Delery

Lona Delery

    Fine China

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Posted 28 July 2017 - 08:18 PM

any interpretations? what are they trying to say with this song? i'm struggling to make sense of the message.


beautiful people with beautiful problems=celebrities? or is she looking through a lens of everyone's problems being "beautiful"? 

my interpretation of this was that our earth is pretty much doomed "till it runs red, runs red with blood"(climate change etc)

and our personal problems are "beautiful" as in the sense that they're so minor compared to them

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#39 OFFLINE   cherryblossoms


    Beautiful Machine

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Posted 30 July 2017 - 09:38 PM

"He runs through me"
One of my fave Lana lyrics

Me and my boyfriend, we are a new kind of fun

#40 OFFLINE   LanasPhilosophy



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Posted 31 July 2017 - 06:29 AM

this song was the ultimate mind fuck for me......


ill lay out very breifly

1990 i was born same year courtney love and kurt cobain in process of making first albums

2004 (half my life) discover courtney become instantly obsessed

2006 make a pledge to only listen to music or movies or kno0wledge that relates somehow to courtney

right after this thoiught her diaries gets rel;eased giving me tonnes of material including quantum physics n shit

late 2006  courtneys hole reuning album is announced and hyped and she said on a doc that she listened to bob dylans blood on the tracks 

prior to this statement i spoent a year lsitening to onew bob dylan song it"s all voer noiw baby blue"/ since hole covered it... (courtneys band)

now i added blood on the tracks to the mix and loved it for a year....\

2007 new hole album keeps being delayed and delayed but a whole album of demos leak (im convicn ed corutney personally leaked 2 songs to me but thats another post)
around this time lana is crafting her art consistentlly
2007 i do LSD gic coincidence (my first drug)
opens my mind to everything and i slip off into a year of random drugh use and breaking away from my courtney love commitment
i start listening to mass bob dylan and riot grrl music  (now embarrased for having like riot girl feminist bands) bob dylan has stuck on me tho|
fleetwood mac referenced in the song "starbelly"" on holes first real album.. actually plays a clip of stevies voice along with a bunch of live versions of gold dust woman dating from 1990 to present
never was a huge stevie or fleetwood mac fan but had a few phases of loving it....
the 1 song that played at my work that i loved was silver spring by fleetwood mac.. played for my first 8 or so years there
always made me happy to hear it
2012 is nearing i lost my best friend completely and as im getting over it i discover my first music that is compeltely non related to courtney
my friend adam showed me "the hedgehog song" by inncredible string band ----- the VERY same day a new courtney love song is sunmg live at a russian showq "called amen" first new song in years by her iw as so happy... i decided to put it on my ipod ands go for a long biek ride with it../.... i threw on the 3 incredible string band songs along with it (cant beleive i did that its not my personaloity at all,/ i beleive it was divine itnervention) make a note tjhat my friend adam brought this band to me|
- i start listening to nothing but inmcredibole string band as my lifelong gambling addictio0n is at its worst point (but i loved losing) i embraced detatching from money
- now lets go bakc in time
- earlier in the year that i discovered courtney love my friend albert showed me a game habbo hotel.. i played off and on my whole life including now never more than a 6 months break since 2004
-now my whole time on habbo9 i was keeping an eye out for courtney love fans to make friends with
-i dont recall meeting ANYONE who liked it

- i was a closet gay at the time (now ims tr8 thanks 2 lana , no jo9ke"
- so i would tell ppl i wont date a girl unless shes a courtney love fan
-so it was a few months before lanas first album came out id nevewr heard of her
-i made a new account on habbo callked (H0L3)
-and was standing ina  cage in a game at a casino for poor people../. last man standing wins 5 goldbars (game currency)
-also i was dressed as a girl as always
-this girl adds me cuz she likes hole and courtney

- we instantly became soulmates happened so fast

-first person  i ever added to ym perosnal co9ntscvts from online (we're tlakinm a decade of hours a day on this virtual rerality.... to me it was all business
- it was magic that brought us together
- she reinvigorated my passion for courtneyt after not giving courtney love any attention for about 3 months styr8  ( a record for 7 years)
- now before a week passed she decided to sing me a song voer skype... b4 we even heard each otherrs voice..
- she sang me video games.. even after finding out i was a man and a bit of jerk and conspiracy theorirst she still decided to sing me this song......
- i was instantly hooked on lana

- i spent my whole life getting away from mainstream pop cuylture type shit... at early age i would hate music and say its just noise..... i secretly liked the band queen we are the champions specifdically... until grade 4 that ws my only song... i was a lon er only friend was a lazy eyed super christian (he made me hate religion) and the most popular guy in school suddenly became my best friendf
he had really gay taste in music he got me hooked on christina aguilera
i shamelessly blasted it in my house all the time saying i respected her talent and didnt relate to the song to not seem gay... kinda true also it felt like an alter ego type thing... (being a girl on habbo allowed me to fully understand this part of my brain) (otheer story altogether)
- so ironic that my7 year journey brings me from loving a gay disney pop star (christina) to loving a 1960s not very known posychedlic folk band)
-it was too perfect

-the 2012 end of the world was apporaching i was readfy for iut and not scared
-now 3 month break from coutney brings a courtney fan iinto my life which brings a new girly gay icon popstar into my life right when i thot i had overcome all those fake holylwood scum|
-but since i wa sso mindblown over falling in love with a courtney fan;;;;i was able 2 get hooked on it|
-the 3 months of this 1960s incrediboe stirng band helped prepare me subconcio9usly to not care what anyone thinks juyst go with what feels right
-if i would of gave it alot of thot i wud consider mytself relaping and going back 2 square one
-but i didnt care. i was in love with lana del rey
-my friend adam eventually came toi love her also by the end of 2012
-i spent years forcing courtney down hius throatr and he never got into it (he was mostly into deatrh metal n shit
-lana is first singer we both liked

-we made plans to do mdma for the album release|
-3 albums later it never happened

-now its my birthday 2013 i buy a video camera after becoming in love with youtube vloggers named ty and gray.... another stange love of mine that makes no sense until years later
-now pre lana my formewr best friends neighbour became my best firend for 3 months )ALWAYS 3 MONTHS EXACT)
he was copmpletely opposite of me half black rapper type
i gave him most of my paychecks 
we met while i was basically stalking my former best friend biking circles in tennis court behind his house|
his neigbhour saw me and asked if i was looking to buy weed i said no but mentioned my friend adam grows shrooms|
- we instantly became best friends hanging out everyday
-the things i learned about myself made me the greatest friend anyone could have
-we ahd a falliiung out exactly 3 months later when he got greedy and i stood my grounmd
- he prob thot i would come crying back to him but i was very strong at this point and said fuck it idc
- key note him and adam and this kids neighbouyr (also the neighbour is ADAMS best friend since grade 1) were the only ppl i did drugs with pretty musch.. and shrooms except for 1 other girl named kat who could of changed the course of my life if i wasnt oblivious to her liking me (we even got each others names tattooed and never endiung up dating) (note i was agy but would of dated her as a cover and i liked her as a friend)
-now i am alone again habbo work andf gambling my paycheckls but i feel very happy with my life
-1 year and a few months after falli8ng out with the 3 month friend... he randomly calls me rright after i di ym first cahsout from onlien casaino since wewere firends (note first 5 years of gambling never cashout,... tonens of good wins.... the 3 months of this guy as my friend... i cashout 1500+ three different times and gave him most of it)
- now its a miracle that we were able 2 not be friends  i was supposed 2 be lonely and he wnated momney|
-but hius random drunk call happend right after my first cahsout since we "broke up" that was a trip.... of course i redeposiited the cahshout so it meant nothing
-key point is that the live games on the casinos i play at suddenly removed live games for canadians
(i could not play anywhere else without anough id and paperowkr./... i have no photo id or anythin g|
so now im stuck played copmputerizxed gambling games and my wins decreease like creazy but i kepe playing
-anyone looking in on my life woudl call for an itnmervention

-somehow i was able 2 be left alone for the most part my whole life
-fast forward 2015 i move into a new apartment with this same blacxk freind suddenly....beaiutiful paradise apartm,ent
-he had become shizophrrenic yet full of love at the same time in oour 3 years break
-there was 1 day the prevcious winter he randomnly contacted me and asked 2 chill|
-he brot a bottle of booz and i showed him the shrooms oin my mirror shelf that were sitting there foir months (the fact i never did them blows my mind..... i loved them and did them many times but i just blindly left them there
- our previous 2 shrooms trips went bad he diud way 2many and couldnt handle it and tried to control it too much which i beleive lead to his shizophrenia

-now its the fall after ultraviolence came out
i was so addicted 2 lana del rey i didnt even listen 2 the 2 new courtney love songs "weddiung day" and "you know my name" released the same week as ultraviolence     sidenote courtney loves first big song Violet my first favourite song uses the mixture of stars and fish and stars andf fists and violet and violence interchangeable
- that was always in the bakc of my mind
-now one day about 2 m,onths after meeting the courtney love fan back in 2012 ... my freidn randomnly shoiws up wioth homemade meth
i try to play him all you need by lana del rey her epic song about peace... he ran home leaving me alone........ the video camera i gor for my bday inspired by those vloggers and new laptop  (since gave my mom my poaychecks she bought me these"
i took laptiop and camera to the sand pits all by myself... usauly scared of dakr forest but meth made me crazy
i never did it b4 and it was super super strong
- i spent hours making videos and replying to them and spinning.. basically keeping my mind stimulated due to my mdma theory that jaw cl;enmching happens wqhen m ind and body disconnect
i was instantly determiuned to ride this high
the majority of the video was directed at sareah the courtney fan from habbo saying how i should not be falling in lvoe with her cuz im too much of a degenerate and she was perfectiion
- when i failed to meet her in person when she came near my city our lvoie basically dwindled......i would of kept the onlien relationship going if not for that....
however we're still in contact to this day
- now its been over a year since no live games and one day after 4 months of non stop ultraivoence and bike rides and gambling 10$ at a time
(my friend adam would get my checks and give me 10 at a time and i had 2 decde between gambling or food)
-but the music fueled me all summer
-1 day im mentally preparing for my next paycheck
-making a to do list in my head
- in the process i decided im stuck in a endless cycle of dumbness when i feel so enlightened inside... i decide to stop being  a fool and obsessing over lana del rey and even courtney
i abandon them both
i put ALL bob dylans music on my ipod (remember firts song was a whole year of its all voer now baby blue)  
- this is fiurst link to nhew lana song beautiful peiople  because of this :

- my shizo roommate dissapeared exactly 1 year after moving in with him
-the day live games were brought back i won big and didnt cash out and he was drunk and never even knew

-i was so happy that ym magic was back
but the veryt next day he starts getting a strong prescription injection anti pyscotic or something
i was so mad cuz i was so happy living with him and counselling him and lsitening
i saw a clear end to his madness

now the 3,000$ win was my first independent win ever where i didnt lose it
i gave it ALL to ym friend adam
a month later found an apartment finally after aboiut 2 give up
on zimmerman ave (bob dylans original last name) 30 sewconds from the niagar river near the waterfalls//..
got 4 months there but was never able 2 win again  (note i only had cheap ass rigged slots n shit to play)

eventually i was broke and was about 2 mustr thje courage 2 move back with my parents (really really scary after the emss i left)
i was literally crushed and hopeless for the first time ever for various reasons|
this is when my buddy contacted me and i ended up moving in a day later
my itnernet bill was never paid and it was disocnnected on my last paydayt as i was about 2 gamble my check
so wierd for cogeco to alow a bil to rack up tjhat much
if theyt cancalled it any earlier i wouylda never moved in with this guy|
-if i went back2  my parents i prob wudda ignored his msg so the timing was perfect on so many levels
- first month of that zimemrman apartment was a new bob dylan release called the basement tapes
-thats all i lsitened to for the duratiion oif that apartment|
ironic how i moved out of my parents house onto his street name and then on my sisters b day he released this huge collection
most recoridng wqere never befor eheard and my alltime favourtie song "imn not there" suddenly came on and im like woah this is so cool
... i did not look back at lana or courtney other than the occasional search for new songs just 2 hear once... i never fell back into those obsessesiojns

... now rewind to thatr day my roomate came over and did shrooms ... mhe came over again the next dayt wanting more saying "the beast will come out tonight"  i was sexually turned on by him and tried to initiate mutal jo but he pretended to ignore it but i cud see he was prob ok with it....
anyway he was palying a bunch of wierd as smiley cryus songs explaining hoiw shes owned by the devil and shit..... and he was doing some sort of spiritual task by playing this music....... he soon played a summertime sadness cover by mliley then i showed him the lana version..... the live itunes vewrsion he didnt comment on it but he didnt show much itnerested altyhoiugh he allowed the whole song 2 play which is not his personality esepcially when drunk and high......
so those 2 nights were my only cointact with him before eventually moving in with him
hee was obssed with a demon in his head of a kid who he provoked into commiutting suicide by exposing his lies to his girflfriend
- he was in the hospital for alcohol induced psyschosis when he found out the kid klilled himself....
he instantly started hearing a voiuce of him...
i didnt learn thius until i moved in with him... this shit allowed him 2 go on disablity whivh paid rent so allowed me 2 live worry free...
we shared a tiny basement bachelor for 2 months before moving 2 a really nice apartment|
-instantly everything starts falling apart.... the kid directly above us started always coming down tih weed..... i didsnt like him i started staying in my room... without my support he started going too crazy..... and his mom ended up itnervening with blackmailing him that shot day after the new era of gambligna nd cahsing out like our past........ it was like going fullspeed into a bnrick wall.... the meds amde him crazy and paranoid and we were off and on movi89ng around/together tryiung 2 break the lease..... i was genuinely worried about him going into the world oin hiis own and at the same time he was the eprfect roommate... eventually i was forced out and  movewd upstairs with the crteepy kid.... ev ereything is about 2 be done new p0plabout 2 sign thne lease.... minutes before it happens he messages me saying he wants 2 live with me..... now rewind about a month;;;the upstaiurs kids neighbour knocked on door and i answered he passed me a bag of meth for 20$ loan.. (my first time seeing meth since that crazy night years ago)  now ever since the dfay i moved in with this kid,... i was instantly re hooked on lana del rey.. he wouyld pklay summertime sadness everyday full blast mixed in with his other select repeated ganmgster songs.... this directly caused me to get back into lana just because the subcocnious realizitiomn of how this si too wierd to be real//...
now my friend adam is rarely seen ever since moved away from him.. he super lazy ... he slowly got into heroin and opiates... started with eatinfg poppy bark or poppy bulbs whatevcer... he had no way of getting it except online but no monmey..... i was his oly money source...
during his slow vbery slow heroin habbit growing... lana wrrites an album ultraviolence referencing heroin in the first song ni extreme way......
now the day of the meth klnock at door... it was payday the only day every 2 weeks when i had cash.... also just so happened that courtney love released a new sontg called miss narcissist.. i listened 2 it repeat all night on meth... then ranteds oin her official facebook for hours and hours aboiut all my theories of her ylrics n shit, my very controvercial ones
these very theories got her attenmtionn i beleive in 2005 and she befriended me via my yt channel on a fake account
she sent me 2 songs acoustic standupmother fuckere and elft in the dark
i instantly leaked the song to my friends in the courtney world and on her official site|
she then closed her site and wrote  scathing blog directed at me
its as if i8 was supposed 2 know it was her buyt she couldnt directtly say it bcuz my theories were so farfetched yet real.......
in 2005 she ahd no fans no record label and i ordered 300$ worth of bootleggs from her fansite.... the owner of that fansite later ecome courtneys opfficial web person ........ now i got sent those 2 songs cuz i reqwuiested lyrics to stand up mother fuycker and she posted them a day later...... and i wouyld praise her 2004 album when everyone hated it... i even go9t a tatoo with the album art...
anyway im 100% convinced courtney felt extremely betreyaed and stupoiud over trusting me........ however lets say we did become friends this whole lana thing prob wuddda never happenened...

now during the time i have boycitted both courtney and lana .......... lana performeds her most epic perfrormance of nirvanas heart shaped box.....most eopic vocals ever as if to get courtneys ettention and joni forces with her

there first tweets were about courtneys pussy (a year or 2 after her pussy cola song < and courtneysd rare drown soda song about rape
i was very intrigued by these connections but dint go to deep into them UNTIL

after moving back in with my roomm=ate hours b4 new ppl took voer our lease... a meth habit developed...
i was in the middle of watching the tv show LOST.... i develop a theory about charlie manson/lanadel rey/ and bob dylan while on meth
it was a way 23 explain her extreme emotionm in her songs and realizi8ng its not of thism world and she must be a time traveller...
id always beleived in tyiemt ravel but never got into9 the itnernet theorties of it........
now the enxt day i find out the show losty is about time travel.......... it was perfectly aligned with my newfound meth theory.........
my freiend adam started coming over alot... and my room,mate was feeling more and more hoopless and withdrawn
.. as he was fallingi was rising.... its like all the crazy shit he talked about for thoise first 2 months were prepping me like foreshadoiwng.....
i had made sense of my whole life....... i was not addicted i was holding a job and i was so happy
suddenly lana releaseda new album honeymoon
time travel references in there also im like WHOA im actually probly right or onto something.........
i listen obsessively i develoip new theories and have extremer revelations.... the mild research i did in my past was like just enuf to not have 2 much infleunce onm ym creatiivty........

eventually one day i decide to shoot into my veins after about 3 months of light meth use......
i always told ppl i was avign veins foir marriage ... my junky friends
anyway i got so high and did the same odl same old theory disciussionh with adam... it must oif made roommate super depressed.......
a month before this injkectrion this happened : when first moved in i boughthim wrestling game for xbox... he loved it it was perfect game..... i kinda started liking it to... we stiopped palying basicallyu after new apartment.,. cuz i got busy with habbo and lana and adam and just thot he was fine

now when iu moved back in with hjim he stopped demanding all my money he became really docile
he asked me to buy him a new xbox so i did and the enw wrestling
he hated it
iot broke his heart
and the old one was filled with glitchers and buullshit and i sold it before he cuyd switch abck either way......
but one night me him and adfam were chilling........... he said play some nirvana
there was a rap song on new mwrestling mentioning kurt cobain
this inspired my roommate 2 say that

instantly i realized a missing link]

how the fucking fuck did i never read nirvana lyrics
i had extremely well thot out theories of hole lyrics proving she murdered him and would always try preahci it to ppl and receiving hate
somehow that girl was not turned off by these theoriues proving it was divine interventuion for her 2 show me lana.. iif she was in control she woulda bloicked me for talking like that... she doesnt put up with that shit ever but for me she did........

now i go look up nirvana lyrics;.... in utero was my fave album but cud hardly hear the lyrics

after 1 read i was mind blown
i had an instant revelation that he purposellpy made his wife look like a murdeerer

now born to die and in uteori.... lanas whole thing is about an updated form of buddhism zen that she created or that shes trying to present

just so haoppens nirvana is a buddhist term.. courtney mentions buddhism alot but i never went deep into buddhism..... i call this a block.... my destiny required my vieews of buddhismk to not be distorted until this realizition...... this also acts as a filter to prevent too many ppl from discoering this to makew sure it doiesnt go mainstrream......... the hollywood elite is completye opposite of this message and they are into cointrol and poiwer....... i am the one who was born toi inherit this

i was so fuckli9ng mindblown that night
loife was perfect
when the excitiement died diown my roommate was staring out window asking us if that was a ufo in the sky.... he loved watching ufo docs and steven greer vids

since i was high i overdramatized the situation andf went ontop balcony...... i natgurally looked for the moon... the album name honeymoon and shit....... so i had 2 lean over balcony to see moon on other side o9f building... i exaggerated about a spiral shape infront oif moion by clouds... we all 3 of us went downstairs and outside 2 look........
it was no big deal but we just were in the mood for star gazing i guess... my roommate whio sparked this went inside after 3 or 5 minutes... me and adam stayed outside longer and we saw a fucking triangle ufo fly across the sky..... with 3 red dots.... it was a sign that the realiztion to incorprorate nirvana lyrics was not an accident... it was a force of nature.... my friend advised not 2 tell anyone but i cudnt resist i told my reoommate
he prob was annoyed and didnt beleive it.... and prob thot i was mocking him........ i was so grateufl for him...... without his being there i may have gone my whole life missing this kley knowlwedge..... it was the day aftyer boxing day and it kinda reminded me of rudolph and my odl theories about shrooms and santa and easter and shit.........
now back 2 the day of my first injection

in utero songs had lyrics about needles
linking to one of my fave hole songs "use once and destroy" never realized til that day what the song was referencing
but this additiion was the perfect compoliument to my 10 year long theories.... i fully beleive if i analyzed both of their lyrics atr the dsame time like any normal person would who was obsessed,..... thats why i fell for queen then 3 blonds in a row then avril lavgine came out i saw her vidoe premier
album called elt go
i was hooked
i felt so cool
i realize now the album, and shit has pure buddhism zen meaning but very watered doiwn
as if to trap the majority of ppl my age my path

the date of my birth makes me one of the candidtates  to inherit this

i beleive avril lavigne was meant  2 hook anyone who had a similar path as me and similar taste
and if the future already happened they would know the formula to lure me...
i spent less than a year on that album before discovering courtney

courtney was not easy to discover she was never on tv in a positive light
my current best friuend who was the longtiume best friend of the kid who got me into my firs singer xtina aguilera
he was ditched by the popular kids and became my friend... he told me courtney love sucked so i didnt bother looking into her... i saw her on a vh1 speciial a clip of her song ......
but soon after a new nirvana song was released by courtney on the black album
gbreatest hits with 1 one un released
song was "you know your right"
think of me looking back in 2015

after my reveklations

after hardly ever lsitening 2 nirvana

the song that sparked it all was the only new nirvana song released officially with a music video and shit since he died

i loved nirvana like no other band... which is strange cyuz there was alot of catchyu rock bands all over the music channel

now i realize it was my stepping stone to courtneyu

just so happens same producer linda parry did christina aguileras albums too

christinas first ever song was for disney called reflections which was a trip because a few days before the ufo sighting

courtney and christinma guilera played a private concert

1 song each

and no1 else jsut them 2

i was like woah

then the song choice for courtney was radio heads creep

this was right after my theory about lana del reys use of the word radio as in dna receiver transmitter and maybe mushrooms shaoped like satelites

lana had a song called radio mentioing sugar venom

on first album

one of my few early itneresting things with lana...... i never thot she was behind it tho... i just observe..
now gettiung back 2 the injection......
i felt like i had won the game of life
the injection felt symbolic like a reward for linkinh the nirvana lyrics to my mind
i felt so happy the following day...... lanas music video for freak comes out that day shows her dropping acid
i had been talking like crazy about how acid could be behind it all... the fact me and courtney both did it as our first drugs....
well courtney gave lana a run for her money/.... courtney was playing fleetwood mac fest the same day as video release (not 2 mention they toured together for a summer andf were supposed 2 play toronto but it got cancalled or it never went on sale... it was on the website tho for upcoming.......
i had missed courtney over 6 times now
when i first discovered her i never thot she wud even do another tour but she did many.... and kept getting better
holes final album was 2010
lanas first unreleased album under her current name was nevada same year
nevada and nirvana sound so similar and she refrenced nirvana directky in a soong
now my dream of charlie manson where he finished my sentence while in an icecream restaurant or somehting like that...
that dream inspired my fiend adam 2 show me mansons music/.... it was very peaceful lyrics and my theory that lana is secretly singing to charlie manson was multiplied....... it now made me think manson was locked up because he changed the world ahjead of schedule//// he got famous and brought peace with his message...... his acid inspired knowledge...... now my theory was bob dylan was uysed 2 replace manson.... as a way 2 not create a riff in our precious timeline...... bob dylan was like a  encoding system to keep anyone from receiving charlie mansns message indirectly or subconciously from the remains it leave sbehind........ if time travel is real and u go back and wipe out the world biggest roickstar... it must be replaced by something that will capture the same human emoption ....... it was probably a decade long project creating bob dylan..........
if courtney and lana are fighting for manson........ it is perfect camouflage....... make it really obivous to only 1 person.... let the evidence grow and grow... have top superstars as the key focal points.... but make it so u have 2 beleive courtneys and killer and alo respect her and also have a deep conenction to lana del rey.............this made me feel like a chosen one......... now courtney sang silver springs at fleetwood mac fest
my favorujtie fucking sonmg
ffinally i was convinced the timing cant be real
the similar opening lines of both songs
the fact courtneys previous attempts to lure me with recorded songs failed
miss narcissist was perfect for right before the new tour with lana
it reignited my passion for courtneys lyrics
killer radio was not released foir moinths later not til after honeymoon..
it blew myt mind|
thje beautiful were born ugly play it on the killer radio was choris

no imagine me dwelling on the albums themes all about birth and death.. and lana advancving it into light and science and time travel

this was the perfect line for a pat on the back foir me....... all her album titles hint at birth or death aloing with beauty

pretty on mthe isnide live through this celebrity skin

nirvana nevermind and inutero... nevermind shows baby chasing money

americaqs sweetheart drifted off from the program and it showed her almost die almostget crushed publicly

its as if she was sick of living in the past and wrote a rly smart as punk album under her it all unfolded right atfer i disocvered her too

i defended her like crazy i loved her with a passion...... i never really had a good reason tho until 2015

whether i was crazy or i was right i reached a state of permanenet happiness all as my roommate was getting sucked unmder

now its feb 10th my buddy adam comes over we cookl a roast and hjave some drinks

we watch a 10 hour vid called hidden knowledge

aor ancient knowledge then i discovered astrotheology i watched his vids all weekend

he proved the meaning of the stars and how we are all connectred.. he scientifcally provewd eveyrhting my roommate would makle up

i was lookinm forward 2 showing him

i assumed he was at his moms but on my bday his mom comes 2 my work and says ehs missing

my roommate dissapeared the day after the 2 most extreme music events happened

its almost like i had it 2 good... now that i figured everything out the universe had 2 test me

he dissapeared without a trace

making me a suspect

i was unphased by it i beleived in my shit and i beleive this was a test to se how i handle it

i cashed out 2,000 gave 2 adam

secured a new apartment

i was beating the odds based on my past'

i was not letting the magic get 2 my head either

next apartment was a repeat of first apartment... lasted exactly 4 months

if you include the previous month at old apartment alonew

(4 month alone) like before meeting my roommate a year ago

this came right after mr astrotheollogy taught about rotations of earth and year cycles

it was too crazy  2 be real so my friend fixed me a phone i put every lanba song on it]i move bakc downtown and my buddy adma never came over again

hhe was 2 lazy

thios comes after my epic journey with him i thot he wud be over everyday

but it had 2 happen  this way ...... what r odds of the timing 1 year then 4 months then i move bcuz i go broke form gambling

pafter i give my noti8ce to move i win again

i gave my buddy the money

i moved again 2 a new place

i broke the cycle

i moved in to 6th ave.. my 6th apartment

first move that seems 2 be non relevant to my previous onshared with 2 roommates

i dont talk 2 them once... i become scared of being seen flashback 2 my parents basement

but the knowledge lingered in me and was in my ear all the time

no drugs at all since the day he dissapeared\

now beautiful people beautiful problems is FOR Me

stevie nicks also did a cameo in am,ericna horror story

which the first season i watched had main character named lana]

about an insane asylum

where my roomate belongs

so stevie being on ther only tv i watched from styaryt 2 finish

]that is non related 2 the theme ofd ewnd of the world type shit

i stoipped tv in 2008 i slowly started watching tv shows again starting with walking dead atfer habbo gaved me entflix trial

i watched more shoiws of same theme revolution wass my fave

got cancelled

my fave charactewr from rvolution was on loist

she came into the show when the time travel aspect announced...happens 2 be a blkonmde female
the fact iu abruptyly woke up when she first appeared... originanly i wud sleep thru msot of the first 2 seasons

if not for my roommates xbox and entflix i wudda never watched that show which is a huge chunk of evidence that im livinjg an agenda whether natural manmade or scientifcally cvrafted\

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