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Your Top 10 Albums of 2017

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#21 OFFLINE   fkatwink



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Posted 07 December 2017 - 09:55 AM

some of my favorite albums of all time actually came out this year,

which is super crazy. it definitely was not a bad year in music, imo.

also, i'm shamelessly reserving a spot for miss cabello because she

is actually serving me some interesting pop music. think she's going places.


10. Arca by Arca

9. Ten Years by Aly & AJ

8. The Two of Us by Chloe x Halle

7. BLUE LIPS by Tove Lo

6. Utopia by Bjork

5. HFK by Halsey (surprising 4 me)

4. Take Me Apart by Kelela

3. Process by Sampha

2. Ctrl by SZA

1. Melodrama by Lorde


honorable mentions: 

-Colossus by Atlas

-About Time by Sabrina Claudio

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#22 OFFLINE   californianfreak


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Posted 07 December 2017 - 10:14 AM

I don't have 10 albums released in 2017 I like but my 4 favourites are...


1.LDR -  Lust For Life

2. Allie X - CollXtion II

3. St Vincent - MASSEDUCTION
4. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy 

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#23 OFFLINE   Lana Rey Del Mar

Lana Rey Del Mar


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Posted 07 December 2017 - 10:54 AM

In no particular order,


Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey

don't smile at me - Billie Eilish

Reputation - Taylor Swift

Harry Styles

Dua Lipa

DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar (even though I hate rap from the bottom my heart dsafskj)

Younger Now - Miley Cyrus

Pure Comedy - Father John Misty

Number 1 Angel - Charli XCX

Trip - Jhene Aiko

Just the Beginning - Grace VanderWaal

Wabi Sabi - OIJ

Something To Tell You - HAIM

Desire - Hurts



kind of ended up scrolling through new releases on spotify and typed down almost every album I've liked...

#24 OFFLINE   Electric Body

Electric Body

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 11:22 AM

1. Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

Dark, heavy and noisy yet melodic and enchanting.

2. Björn Meyer - Provenance

Beautiful acoustic, instrumental music. Mostly guitar-driven.

3. Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains

Some extremely fun alternative rock.

4. Sevdaliza - ISON

Intenset and cinematic mix of fragile and vulnerable sounds, warm ambient electronica and great beats.

5. UNKLE - The Road, Pt. 1

Soft, modern TripHop

6. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

It's Lana. It has some beautiful gems. But it's also her weakest record to date.

7. Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar

Nothing too deep, but a ot of good vibes

8. Mando Diao - Good Times

The boys are back with some indie-rock. It's a bit more superficial than their previous material, but still a lot of fun.



Honorable mentions:

Mark Lanegan - Gargoyle

Cobalt Chapel - Cobalt Chapel
Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

Allie X - CollXtion ll
Lorde - Melodrama


EPs & Singles

SoKo - Sweet Sound Of Ignorance

Nathaniel Merriweather feat. Jennifer Charles - Summer Lovin'

Caro Emerald - Emerald Island EP

Emma Ruth Rundle & Jay Jayle - The Time Between Us Split EP
Jay-Jay Johanson - You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone EP

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#25 OFFLINE   electra



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Posted 07 December 2017 - 12:40 PM

No order:
1. Lust for Life
2. Lorde - Melodrama
3. Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?
4. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
5. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCATION

This made me realise I don’t listen to a lot of music outside of my own stuff. When I do branch out it not necessarily new music.

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#26 OFFLINE   Greenwich


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Posted 07 December 2017 - 01:56 PM

omg I've never seen anyone on LB talk about kitty. I've been following her on twitter since "okay cupid" and it seems like she's really happy with the album she put out this year. 

I love Kitty <3 I really enjoyed the album. When she performed in NYC she invited me to jump on stage w her for the last song and we performed orion's belt haha. she's really awesome 

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#27 OFFLINE   lanasgirl



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Posted 07 December 2017 - 07:42 PM

My favourite albums of 2017, in no particular order:


Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey

Of course, BtD will always be the number one classic and Ultraviolence is GOLD but I'm enjoying this new sound a lot.

It's still Lana, but with brand new layers. I know, I know, she does that with every new album.

This Old Dog - Mac DeMarco

I've been a fan since 2 and this is my favourite Mac album. His music makes my heart ache and at the same time, puts a stupid smile on my face.

Melodrama - Lorde

A really good album that's a joy to listen to while driving. Personal favourite: "Homemade Dynamite".

The Altar - Banks

I love her warm, raspy voice. All her melodies. The lyrics. The sounds. On a side note, I've finally had the pleasure of seeing her live this year. 

Freudian - Daniel Caesar

Wow, this was a random discovery. Gospel and R&B, man. That voice. True talent.

Please listen to this album if you haven't already. And please listen to this album again and again if you already have.

Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato

I didn't expect to like this album as much as I do. So many bops. You got me, Demi, I'm a fan now.

dont smile at me - Billie Eilish

The album I've been waiting for ever since listening to "Ocean Eyes" for the first time. Thank God, she didn't disappoint. So young and so talented. 

DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar

I'm not an expert when it comes to rap but even I can recognize a true classic.

Ctrl - SZA

What a debut. Strong. Unique. Contrasts of soft, soulful sounds and crass, brutally honest lyrics.


I also want to mention:


Hard (EP) - The Neighbourhood

Even though it's only an EP... I love The NBHD and all these songs were an important part of my fall soundtrack.

Love Hotel - Yung Hurn

I'm laughing at myself for desperately wanting to mention this one. Been listening to him a lot, for the vibes. Best songs: "Diamant" and "Sag mir".

About Time - Sabrina Claudio

Refreshing sound. Warm vocals and good lyrics.

More Life - Drake

It's Drake!!! DRAKE. Love you, Drake, 4ever.



[also, copying @Body Electric by commenting on each album :flutter: ]

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#28 OFFLINE   delreyfreak


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Posted 08 December 2017 - 04:21 AM

1. Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey

A diverse yet cohesive record. Interesting to see Lana delve into a different thematic approach to her music. Thoroughly enjoy the inclusion of political commentary and the features worked well also. A little too lengthy to listen to in one sitting, though, and some song titles are clunky and awkward, but these are only minor bothers that do not detract from the brilliance of the record overall.

Favorite tracks: Cherry, 13 Beaches, Heroin, Change, Love, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, Change


2. Melodrama - Lorde

Her strongest record to date. Love the interspersion of strings into the songs and the production is excellent overall. Every song flows perfectly from one to the next, creating a great sense of cohesion. Could have been a tad longer, however.

Favorite tracks: Liability, Sober, Perfect Places, Homemade Dynamite, Hard Feelings/Loveless


3. Masseduction - St. Vincent

First St. Vincent album I've listened to and every song is well-crafted. Her lyricism is thoughtful and intelligent. Quite short overall, though, and the ordering of some tracks is questionable.

Favorite tracks: Los Ageless, Masseduction, New York, Savior, Sugarboy, Slow Disco, Happy Birthday, Johnny


4. Utopia - Björk

A lush, atmospheric record with the perfect contrast between moments of pure bliss and loss. A great way to follow-up Vulnicura. Some of the vocals could have been re-recorded though, as they sound messy.

Favorite tracks: Blissing Me, Loss, Sue Me, Saint, Future Forever, Arisen My Senses


5. Self-titled - Dua Lipa

A strong debut album featuring plenty of bops. It's not every day that a singer comes through on their debut.

Favorite tracks: Hotter Than Hell, New Rules, Last Dance, Room For 2


6. Number 1 Angel - Charli XCX

Charli truly delivered with this PC-pop masterpiece. The features complement her voice and style. Extremely fun and enjoyable record. Too bad it ends so quickly.

Favorite tracks: Roll With Me, Drugs, Dreamer, 3AM (Pull Up)


7. Pure Comedy - Father John Misty

Although the music itself is quite simple and straightforward, the lyricism on this record is superb and offers such an articulate and in-depth analysis of the current sociopolitical climate, particularly as it pertains to the USA.

Favorite tracks: Ballad of the Dying Man, Pure Comedy, Two Wildly Different Perspectives, So I'm Growing Old On Magic Mountain, Total Entertainment Forever


8. CollXtion II - Allie X

A great follow-up to the first collection of songs. Some nice bops as well as some emotional pieces. Cover art is too odd for my tastes, though, and I don't understand how it relates to the album.

Favorite tracks: Old Habits Die Hard, Simon Says, Lifted, True Love is Violent, That's So Us, Casanova


9. Younger Now - Miley Cyrus

Didn't ever think I'd be putting a Miley Cyrus album in any 'top 10' list, ever, but this album is a nice experience. I think Miley has found the perfect balance between her more upbeat pop style and her raw, country origins. 'Rainbowland' is a travesty, though and should never have gotten the green light to go on the record.

Favorite tracks: Younger Now, Malibu, Week Without You, Thinkin'


10. Self-titled - Harry Styles

Brilliant melodies and production, and Harry's vocals are quite diverse as well. I tend to prefer the more mellow, emotional songs as opposed to the more 'fun' side of the record.

Favorite tracks: Sign of the Times, Meet Me in the Hallway, Two Ghosts, Ever Since New York



Honorable mentions go to:

  • Poppy.Computer - Poppy
  • Hard (EP) - The Neighbourhood
  • Kesha - Rainbow
  • Non-existent album - Marina and the Diamonds  :toofunny: 

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#29 OFFLINE   itsTrigonometry



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Posted 08 December 2017 - 12:22 PM

In no particular order:
1. Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey
2. Feel Something - Jaymes Young
3. Melodrama - Lorde
4. The Space Beetween - FYFE
5. Ison - Sevdaliza
6. X - Agnez Mo

1. Boomerang - Elliot Moss
2. Ss17 - Frankmusik
3. Doves & Ravens - Dermot Kennedy

#30 OFFLINE   BluVelvUnderground



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 01:55 AM

01. Science Fiction (Brand New)


02. Cigarettes After Sex (Cigarettes After Sex)


03. A Deeper Understanding (The War on Drugs)


04. DAMN. (Kendrick Lamar)


05. Melodrama (Lorde)


06. Flower Boy (Tyler, the Creator)


07. Lust for Life (Lana Del Rey)


08. The OOZ (King Krule)


09. Rest (Charlotte Gainsbourg)


10. Turn Out the Lights (Julien Baker)

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#31 OFFLINE   SparkleJumpropeNoose



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 02:13 AM

owo who brought this back


1. flower boy - tyler the creator

2. ctrl - sza

3. lust for life - lana del rey

4. damn - kendrick lamar

5. humanz - gorillaz

6. utopia - bjork

7. big fish theory - vince staples

8. saturation trilogy - brockhampton

9. more life - drake

10. season high - little dragon

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