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  1. You guys, I'm like genuinely worried for people's physical safety.
  2. The only way to survive that special kind of crazy at that hour of the morning on a Saturday is together!
  3. Guys, let's do a LB alliance and hold spots for each other!
  4. I HATED Carmen until I heard the Paradise tour version. It never seemed fully formed to me until then.
  5. Kate Bush - And So Is Love we used to say, "ah, hell. we're young," but now we see that life is sad and so is love
  6. You'll definitely meet her! She's so, so, so nice! I got Singing From the Grave, Ceremony, and a poster from the gig signed. I can't wait to hear all about your show! Ceremony is even better live!
  7. Lana - Ride (string arrangement). That counts, right? Tori Amos - Gold Dust
  8. OMG, I finally got to see her! I'm even more in love with her. She dedicated a song to me and my friend!
  9. Me too! Three strong, but strong nonetheless. I'm so excited for the tour next year! Charlotte Gainsbourg - Set Yourself On Fire
  10. One of my favorite songs ever. You, @@teethclick, and I are the LB Tori fan club! Laura Marling - Little Love Caster
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