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  1. While i have taken a little break from this record (just until we see if RCS really happens) all i can say is i think this is her best record since honeymoon. I seriously do not get the un-hype for it. Yes its a little on the softer side, but its so concise, and punchy in all the right spots, that its almost hard not to listen to it all the way through. Well done miss thing, you've created a record that will always remind me of home and washed away any doubts i had about getting your art watered down by California over the years x Norman Fucking Tin Can
  2. Primal Heart by miss KIMBRA wishing i had this on vinyl
  3. Disappointed by this one. umru fucking blows man, all he does is rearrange/speed up existing parts of songs lol. This song is incredible and he really added nothing. but it looks like we're getting a 7G/Apple remix album Silver - Astra King Oh Yeah - Caroline Polachek Beautiful Superstar - EASYFUN 2021 - umru XCXoplex - Charli XCX
  4. I think that just because their friendship isn't as public as everybody would like, doesn't mean it's nonexistent.
  5. just incase anyone HASN'T signed yet, please go and donate 5 seconds of ur time <3 'http://chng.it/yY6tD5qSBG
  6. He basically cosigned on the verdict when he chose to invoke the fifth lol, that was his one chance to display any sort of remorse or first hand explanation of what was actually going thru his mind, granted he probably would've made himself look even worse that way. But, he will get what's coming to him in the slammer lol, couldnt stand to see this bloke smirk whenever he could during the trial.
  7. He can still appeal to have his sentence reduced, or for a retrial to take place, for various things that happened in the trial. BUT , this is a historical moment for breaking down the blue wall of immunity. ITS TIME TO REIMAGINE POLICING & LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING!!!!! SAY HIS FUCKING NAME!
  8. besides the whole Joanne / Original RedOne LG5 mess, I don't think so. I think she also may have written the title track for ARTPOP after the title was already an idea she had settled on
  9. Just comparing the *pink convertIble lyrics to PTP, theres such a difference in maturity almost. She seems like shes in her own shoes in the former whereas she has stated shes writing from "mother earth's perspective" in the latter.
  10. The more i examine all the lyrical tidbits weve recieved this era, the more i feel shes releasing these "super blatant" songs as singles so people know right off the bat what the theme of the album is. I cant help but feel the songs we have yet to hear and wont be singles are going to be more refined and subjective.
  11. mansfield ringer

    Song vs. Song

    Living Legend vs Wild On You
  12. I just wish shipping to US wasnt more expensive than the vinyl itself
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