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  1. I’m a little scared for the brunette to be back. It felt like we had just seen Lana birth a new persona with the blonde and the makeup she has been serving lately... I will always associate this era with blonde now too
  2. veinsineon

    Charli XCX

    Please keep charli away from those bubblegum bandwagoners. I’d rather she worked with the actual pioneers of that sound like AG & SOPHIE rather than people who hopped on the trend after the fact. I’m praying for a KAYTRANADA / Earthgang / Gorillaz house type sound.
  3. veinsineon

    Charli XCX

    In My Defense was an amazing record omg stay out of women’s business if you aren’t going to commend their hard work id love another iggy collab but it won’t happen
  4. I’m wondering if we’re finally going to get that album she described about being more in depth with her culture and Greek mythology. Man’s World video gives me serious Athena/Amazonian vibes!!
  5. I meant song structure, they virtually sound the same. Not in a bad way though, as I love both.
  6. Just now realizing The Family Jewels and Solitare are like the same exact song
  7. veinsineon


    Happy birthday to this legend... Debut is srsly one of my fav albums of all time
  8. Can we take our loving can we take our loving Can we take our loving out to the beach? Move your body Move it like the waves dance on the sea I!!!!!!! HEAR YOU!!!!!!
  9. Times is def one of my fav songs of this year. And BITCH BITES DOG!!!! Omg!!!!
  10. Free Sex (HQ) https://dbree.org/v/25fb90
  11. veinsineon

    Melanie Martinez

    Fairly certain Night Mime never leaked beyond like 260kps/268kps. It just randomly showed up on YouTube one day.
  12. veinsineon


    I need someone to do me a favor and leak Good Fights. Please just let us eat. Please
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