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  1. bunoner

    Melanie Martinez

    Brain & Heart
  2. Darla is like a really ugly name I get why you are the way you are @freedumb
  3. i've been really busy outside the internet world so i've been taking time off but i lurk sometimes here and there hehe
  4. On a more interesting note... on twitter Mike Dean said that the snippet he posted was "snippet one". So there's probably more to come
  5. why do people even care about this like
  6. y'all on some other shit tonight
  7. how does this thread already have 325 pages
  8. we dont really care what you think bestie!!!!! no offense!!!!
  9. bunoner

    Charli XCX

    this was so upsetting and hard to watch poor charli
  10. because this is just another instance of his copy pasted shit messages he sends to fans
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