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  1. why does Lana do this to us? proceeds to say she's working on an album/announces an album then it doesn't see light of day for a year or more
  2. In the interview it said they were in Jim Henson's studio so it might have been back then yup!
  3. ooo I remember that picture of Lana and Jack with the Sesame Street characters or was it Kermit? when was that? because that was when white dress/waitress was written
  4. Shot July 3rd, assuming album was nearly done then, assuming it's definitely done now. COCC coming September confirmed
  5. she's active, so if she could just kindly post the tracklist, album cover and release date
  6. we all know she will pull through and COCC will be amazing, we just need a concrete announcement now
  7. funny to think she probably started working on this early 2019 because all of NFR (apart from doin time and FIILY) was recorded before then plus might be songs from ages ago on it too
  8. don't know why but I kept singing LMLYLAW to the tune of the greatest chorus with lyrics like let me love you like a woman cos no other woman can love you like I can let me love you like a woman cos no other woman can be in the hands of this man
  9. Neil will have definitely taken some promo/single photos on the video shoot, he probably wouldn't have missed the chance
  10. really really intrigued to hear the sound she's gone for with this record, and the themes like absolutely no clue what to expect
  11. Hang on, I think the official release date for the book is September 29th and the violet bundles/vinyl etc is released on the 2nd
  12. she said the album would be out 12-13 months after NFR she said it would be a "surprise" aka no promo source code still says 2020 I'm being an optimist for once watch me come back to this on Fri/Sat and regret it
  13. can someone pls fill me in on these supposed leaks/lyrics/insider info? been gone like a day and miss this
  14. pretty sure "surprise release" now means no single/promo just reveal day before kind of thing
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