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  1. the way i regret deleting my account with the honeymoon follow
  2. Instagram Updates thread is now dead
  3. is Cherry Blossom reworked? since the one we have was produced by Fabrizio Argiolas and the credits on BB say Rick Nowels produced it
  4. Be Free

    Weyes Blood

    Natalie sang here from 58:32 to 1:02:39. She also said that the next album is based on a movie like “Titanic Rising” album was.
  5. i’d love pawn shop blues on this album. my favorite song ever, so pretty
  6. is the smile edited with faceapp? there’s something off about it!
  7. Be Free

    Zella Day

    that’s just plain stupid. so if someone you know abused someone you would be like “that’s none of my business”? lmao bye. and the way you are saying someone should thank an abuser for their career????? LOL. get a brain
  8. Be Free

    Zella Day

    i can't believe she is working with him. hypocritical after saying she is a feminist
  9. https://web.archive.org/web/20081120190147/http://www.thisisthebestdayofyourlife.com/cinderella.html I didn't know where to post this, I found it years ago and always thought it was somewhat cute.
  10. Be Free

    Allie X

    Any masterpost???? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE
  11. I listened to the new songs just twice because they don't have replay value imo
  12. Be Free

    Zella Day

    Dance for Love is a bop
  13. Ok I liked the songs but I won't be replaying them again :/
  14. I assume she did :/
  15. Be Free


    I need new music!! Been bopping to "No Goodbyes" SO MUCH
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