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  1. Her cats are so cute and this is coming from someone who normally doesn't even like cats
  2. Look, I love the way that the video is pretty unique and has some nice visuals that definitely suit the style of the song, but the actual video itself gives me a headache. There is way too much going on all at once and I can't even see what is actually happening and I almost had a seizure
  3. I'd love to play but honestly I just can't eliminate any UV songs, they're all so perf
  4. Hopefully this is not another act of extreme Islamic terrorism. I feel horrible for all the Muslims having to deal with such extreme Islamophobia after all the attacks that they've had absolutely nothing to do with personally.
  5. Gave Dopamine a listen and I actually love every single song. Thank you to whichever one of you it was that posted one of his songs in the status update yesterday, I wouldn't have known about him otherwise. I love finding new artists that have amazing music. I can tell this album is going to be right up there with so many of my other faves. I literally thought the same thing at some point upon my first listen to the album. I think it has to do with the production - it has this very alternative sound to it, but still accessible. Anyway, I love this dude. Love his interviews as well, he seems like a pretty chill person
  6. HawaiianTropic

    Dua Lipa

    Yes. I don't have a link to give you, sorry, but it's not that hard to find online
  7. I love the cover but tbh I don't really think it fits Perfect Illusion that well visually. Wondering what the other songs will sound like considering she said PI is unrepresentative of them and considering the album cover art is quite a different sort of visual to PI as well.
  8. omg Mood Ring is fantastic! queen of even the bonus tracks being great!!
  9. HawaiianTropic

    Dua Lipa

    Queen of simple but aesthetically pleasing videos and queen of supporting diversity (notice the mix of races and the gay pride flag in the second half)
  10. Me rocking to this perfect masterpiece
  11. I don't mind if she keeps working with Rick tbh, as long as she gets a good producer to add a bit of oomph to the songs they work on. Like @@leaked_version mentioned, West Coast is a fantastic song that was written with Rick, but what made the song really stand out was Dan's production. So I think if she keeps writing with Rick and getting him to produce demos that's fine by me, but she needs someone else to come along and really bring the song to life.
  12. I don't think she's necessarily saying you stupid (cunt), it could be "you stupid" as in "you're stupid", like in Video Games where she says "you the bestest" which obviously means "you're the bestest"
  13. All I can say is that I hope at some point Man On The Moon is a single
  14. I think you're right about her. She seems rather introverted (if you're interested in personality psychology, my guess is that in the MBTI system she's an INFP, but anyway that's another story), and introverts tend to expend energy in social situations while recharging their batteries, so to speak, in their own time. If you're a celebrity, you're constantly travelling and socialising, which is very draining for an introvert, especially if you're not getting enough sleep, which I would say is probably the case when Melanie is constantly on the road and in planes. If so, I honestly doubt she's really that bitchy. She might come across that way to fans who are CRAZY about meeting her, when she seems so uninterested in meeting her fans, but I'd say she's just exhausted from touring, rehearsing, performing, travelling and then meeting annoying twinks and screaming twelvies and having to pretend she's happy and excited when really she's so drained of energy. Idk, maybe she is a bit bitchy, but I feel like it's hard for us to make judgments about her behaviour when we've never been in the same situation as her and we don't know what she could really be going through on her tours. Plus, I'd make a bet that there are plenty of rude fans who don't treat her respectfully, but rather as a commodity who's entire purpose is to serve them, when in reality she's just another person who had some good ideas and had lots of people take interest in them.
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