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  1. I’m literally desperate, I’m finally in France, 2 hours away from Paris and I obvs didn’t get the tickets seeing them for 400€ on Stubhub is insane honestly @annedauphine idk how anyone could be so lucky, I’m so happy for u
  2. I still think about her buying this horse for supposedly around 2000$ from time to time, iconic and I would do the same if only I had the money
  3. Lmao that's probably it, even though I saw a clip of Ben streaming on IG while Charlie was getting the tat and there was also Donoghue in the background talking with ppl Anyway, I saw a lot of people on Reddit criticizing her because they're 100% sure she was late bc of this...
  4. This is so so soooo good I'm shook Gotta be my summer anthem
  5. Just have to say that I'm speechless, you literally opened my eyes after so many years I have a completely different perspective now
  6. All this UV slander my poor baby Anyway I personally find them really good because they're so well interlaced with the melody, I feel like she goes with the flow of the song and just wooow
  7. The power of youth is on my mind Sunsets, small town, I'm out of time Will you still love me when I shine From words but not from beauty vs In the name of higher consciousness I let the best man I knew go 'cause it's nice to love and be loved but it's better to know all you can know
  8. wthebluemascara

    Song vs. Song

    Black Beauty vs Dragonslayer
  9. This was used for the promo of Skins (at least in my country) so all the memories just oof Can't believe more than 10 years have passed wth
  10. Sooo I'm late, is everything gone? There was a video that's lost forever?
  11. wthebluemascara

    Song vs. Song

    Swan Song vs Yosemite
  12. It's not really a misheard lyric but this made me remember that when I sing/hum UV during the day, my mind says "Blessed it is this onion" and I'm like
  13. That's true but you just can't tell me they're the same and Hanging Around has not that eerie feeling like
  14. wthebluemascara

    Song vs. Song

    Let The Light In vs Swan Song
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