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  1. the uni library closest to me has a copy of the wicker man so guess what i'm reading (and going to be rewatching)! honestly the best parts of it are the sheer stupidity on sgt howie's part and the fact that the authors are horny for EVERY damn character. still, lord summerisle himself is horniest and he also canonically wears "american-style sneakers" which i'm assuming are converse and a balaclava to jog in......but he's also into birdwatching
  2. axl rose husband i think, there's just something about the vocal delivery on that song that gets to me
  3. going to put in a good word for a yank in the RAF! not really a musical but betty grable is so gorgeous in it (as is tyrone power)
  4. all of these might be kinda hard to find but i thought they were cozy enough Four Daughters (1938) Having Wonderful Time (1938) Yoyo (1965) The Patsy (1928) Jewel Robbery (1932) Bachelor Mother (1939) literally any Harold Lloyd film (my favorite is Dr. Jack) Intermezzo (1936) Theodora Goes Wild (1936) Devil-May-Care (1929) Call of the Flesh (1930) The Kiss (1929)
  5. pulling from my letterboxd here, including my top 4 faves (the rest are from my list of The Fucking Movies Ever). otherwise it's in no particular order Mirrormask (2005) Peeping Tom (1960) M (1931) Dr. Jack (1922) The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) The Hands of Orlac (1924) The Scarlet Letter (1926) Design for Living (1933) The Mark of Zorro (1940) Now, Voyager (1942) Stormy Weather (1943) Dragonwyck (1946) The Unsuspected (1947) Rope (1948) East Side, West Side (1949) Captain Clegg/Night Creatures (1962) A Clockwork Orange (1971) The Name of the Rose (1986) Matador (1986) Sputnik (2020)
  6. 1. Out with a Bang 2. Oh Say Can You See 3. Without You 4. American 5. Flipside 6. The Blackest Day 7. Cherry 8. Love Song 9. White Dress 10. Arcadia
  7. first heard this on welcome to night vale so i guess this is the only vid of the song to be found on yt
  8. the flesh & the fiends, which had some pacing issues but was worth it for peter cushing's absolutely bugnuts ties and vests
  9. i started as time goes by (by michael walsh) and it honest to god reads like the extension of casablanca that i was wanting i really won
  10. angel face (1953) it...sure was an hour and a half that happened to me :/ i wanted to like it more than i did bc the performances were really good but the story was so disjointed
  11. the student prince in old heidelberg (1927) and across to singapore (1928)......ramon novarro is so cute and i wanna wife him so bad it makes me look stupid
  12. i know this is like. asking a LOT a lot but when will block b come back.......please i'm starved
  13. for some reason out with a bang really reminds me of slow like honey by fiona apple?? can't explain it
  14. rope (1948) for like the 15th time this week
  15. aries sun - off to the races libra moon - without you leo ascendant - art deco okay!!
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