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  1. royally pissed that none of my libraries have it, either physically or in ebook form!! tho tbh at this point i would read anything from her--i really loved her prose
  2. live a little, love a little 1968 is so bad it circles back around to being campy fun
  3. the wonderful world of the brothers grimm (1962) again...but in my defense tcm were airing the restored version and i wanted to cram in as many watches of it as i could bc it is SO pretty
  4. i would be in but i read so damn inconsistently bc i'll like. really be in the mood to and then finish a book and never want to read again until months later wishing y'all all the best tho <3 also i will admit a fondness for young adult and children's fiction bc the stories in those age categories are so broad........however i agree that a lot of the heavily-marketed stuff can be really poorly written or executed and also i'm tired of being force-fed greek mythology retellings like that's the only set of legends and lore in the world. adult fiction isn't free from problems (especially in the I'm A Sadman Deadwife, My Spouse Is Cheating On Me, I Don't Know How To Communicate Problems spheres) but at least the horror takes more chances
  5. just finished a novella called the hole by hiroko oyamada.....fucking BIZARRE and a little creepy but it takes place during a heat wave which is perfect timing on my part
  6. look in any window.....not really great but who am i to turn down the gift of hot people in the 60s wearing the shortest of shorts? (bout to watch mara maru only bc errol flynn looks hot in the promo pic on tcm)
  7. just finished the hacienda by isabel canas and for the LIFE of me i don't understand why people hate the ending so much........like girls it's realistic and a damn good ending too!! sorry you don't have an imagination or any love for realistic endings i guess
  8. dragonwyck by anya seton once again has a chokehold on my brain
  9. i do! two violins and somewhere a functioning keyboard even tho i can't play it do you own any equipment/books for a kind of niche hobby?
  10. [looking at my stacks of books from various libraries] by talos this can't be happening
  11. how to marry a millionaire, which was entirely too cute and marilyn monroe is SO adorable in it with her little glasses
  12. hands fucking DOWN the best version of the song and an international crime that it isn't on streaming
  13. (your mileage may vary, also i'm not an audiophile or headphone expert by any means) my primary headphones are the kraken x gaming headset by razer, the sound quality is really good for the price point which is anywhere between $30 and $50 usd! my backup pair are the pro-50 studio wired headphones by oneodio and are about the same price for similar sound quality can't help with the earbuds tho bc my ears HATE them and refuse to keep them in
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