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  1. She’d rather post the same crappy pics twice than release WD
  2. Sometimes I wonder if people even really know what chemtrails actually are (supposed to be)
  3. Btw i recommend every one to try at least once to listen to COCC (album version) at 0.5x speed, at first it would sound super weird but when you get used to it it’s magical it’s so dreamy and trippy especially the second half... like when she starts with “washing my hair” I’m levitating hypnotizingly beautiful and it’s a 9 min masterpiece too hhhahha tip: lie on the bed, headphones and close your eyes thank me later
  4. Seems weird why can’t they show us what it looks likeeeeee
  5. https://www.fnac.com/a15628743/Lana-Del-Rey-Chemtrails-Over-The-Country-Club-Edition-Limitee-Exclusivite-Fnac-Vinyle-Rouge-Vinyle-album#int=:NonApplicable|NonApplicable|NonApplicable|15628743|NonApplicable|L1 it says limited exclusive FNAC red vinyl, random cover + poster does anyone know what they mean with random cover? (Also it says ships from March 5th)
  6. It’s surreal how nothing leaked.. I’m worried lol (Except that alleged potato quality snippet)
  7. it makes more sense to me that "Jim told me that" refers to the previous statement "I was filled with poisoned"
  8. uhhhh I don't think that's what she meant
  9. since she already dropped a single with a mv and a "live" performance, what's stopping her from releasing the lead since it's all ready and she's already started the era months ago? LMLYLAW is cute but that ain't making much of a buzz
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