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  1. I listen to her unreleased material more often than her official albums, and I wouldn’t stan if I didn’t know about those songs
  2. Well, it’s definitely hard to dislike something that doesn’t exist 🤡
  3. I’ve been gone for so long I couldn’t even remember my username and login, but apparently I’m still all caught up with this era………….
  4. A shorter album for me if u catch my drift (please don't @ me, I'm just joking) I'm still laughing at how after the first L word for Dealer, some people here GENUINELY thought Nikki was featured
  5. I don't have anything against her, but her inclusion in Lana's music has produced results I'm not a fan of. But mostly, the thought of having both Nikki and Nicki as features is something straight out of a nightmare, Although, it'd would make for the most chaotic song ever if they jumped on Dealer and it was remixed by A.G. Cook lmaooo edit: I'm too high now to fix my grammar but you guys can understand
  6. Lana is gonna drop 3 different versions of the album to boost sales including different track lists each one will feature a different edit of the selphie
  7. I’d prefer text only covers if they’re well made damn, I’d be fine with some scribbles lol
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