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  1. A shorter album for me if u catch my drift (please don't @ me, I'm just joking) I'm still laughing at how after the first L word for Dealer, some people here GENUINELY thought Nikki was featured
  2. I don't have anything against her, but her inclusion in Lana's music has produced results I'm not a fan of. But mostly, the thought of having both Nikki and Nicki as features is something straight out of a nightmare, Although, it'd would make for the most chaotic song ever if they jumped on Dealer and it was remixed by A.G. Cook lmaooo edit: I'm too high now to fix my grammar but you guys can understand
  3. Lana is gonna drop 3 different versions of the album to boost sales including different track lists each one will feature a different edit of the selphie
  4. I’d prefer text only covers if they’re well made damn, I’d be fine with some scribbles lol
  5. Lana will print this selfie and tape it over her face every time she leaves her house Honestly, they’re really ugly
  6. Just the cockroaches living in his studio no instruments, no vocals Fantano will praise Lana because she isn’t on the songs
  7. Tyler is dropping a new album soon, probably manifesting a feature on either records like a true delulu
  8. She’s not lipsyncing in that video snippet so it might be recycled footage
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