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  1. There was a billboard interview where she talked dealing with depression & anxiety. So that can be something to consider.
  2. I can't stand all the forced teeth smiling Lana is doing in FIILY.
  3. How many more MV's do you think Lana will record for this era?
  4. Jamie Scoles is an Asian American drummer, formerly a part of the all-female pop rock band Nylon Pink. Nylon Pink gained notoriety after reaching millions of viewers on YouTube and songs featured on hit television shows such as; MTV's Jersey Shore, The Hills, Oxygen's Bad Girls Club and more. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Jamie taught herself to drum at the age of ten, and from fourteen years old, she started performing with Paris By Night Vietnamese pop star, Adam Ho. After school on Tuesday nights, Jamie would perform on Main Street in Huntington Beach, California. These Tuesday night performances became a hit and landed her the front page of the local newspaper, where she was dubbed, "The Hit on Main Street". When Jamie turned seventeen she began booking and playing solo shows, drumming to the Top 40's Hits and was quickly picked up by Nylon Pink. From seventeen to twenty-one, Jamie toured with Nylon Pink across the world, and shared the stage with some of the artists that activated her own playing. Jamie was honored and placed in The Hard Rock Hall of Fame in Macau and Malaysia. In 2015, Jamie spent writing and creating Echosphere, her first and most anticipated album in her solo career. Jamie Scoles fuses pop music, electronic music and drums together, creating a new and different definition of performance and sound. Source: jamiescoles.com
  5. I've been a fan since my Myspace phrase and I'm fucking loving the new music so far! She needs to it up!
  6. starryeyedgirl99


    Banks was in a Shisedo Ad recently Source: Twitter PS: Am I the only one who wishes she had more Parapazzi pics ?
  7. I'm kinda excited for the show to premiere.
  8. I used to be a major Stan back in the day.
  9. Makes me feel like I'm in the 50's/60's This is what makes us girls
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