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  1. avenue

    Charli XCX

    there's another us leg before the festival dates edit: there's still more euro dates and then the us leg is after the euro dates but before the fall festival dates
  2. avenue


    oh get ready for the ride you're gonna go on just go in chronological order
  3. avenue

    Kate Bush

    hoping the dreaming gets its correct praise
  4. in an alternate universe it would be a double a-side
  5. avenue

    Kate Bush

    there isn’t really an existing one but i do have a bit of a rough list of stuff so i’ll pull that out
  6. avenue


    glad it’s out but also in 2022? lmao
  7. avenue

    Charli XCX

    i listened to the "full" and then the snippet and they sound so different to the point where i'm lowkey convinced the "full" is fanmade or at least not the proper final just for comparison: the "full": https://dbree.org/v/45787b the snippet: https://dbree.org/v/90b4d4 the snippet is definitely official because it was actually leaked by charli herself during one of the hifn zoom calls
  8. avenue

    Charli XCX

    afawk it's real but it sounds nothing like the snippets to the point where it lowkey sounds like a different song so i don't blame you for hating it
  9. kero kero bonito - time n place i added the totep tracks to add more bulk to the album and removed rest stop because it didn’t really fit that much with the theme of the album (although i do like it a lot) basically i organized the tracks almost like a story since it is a concept album about adulthood and i generally organized it based on how the themes connected with each other basically there’s act 1 (tracks 1-5) that act as the main character basically being thrown out into “the real world” and initially trying to use their previous optimism to get through the predetermined path laid out for them before realizing that it’s unfulfilling and they have a breakdown and subsequent depression act 2 (tracks 6-10) act as the present character looking back on their past to cope with their current present act 3 (tracks 11-13) brings the character back to the present and they figure out that they have more will to do what they want and to figure out things for themselves despite the pressure and loneliness track 14 essentially acts like a credits scene
  10. i can confirm i am streets
  11. double post but the song is worth it
  12. avenue

    Charli XCX

    even if this is real there’s still probably a different version out there because there always is
  13. avenue

    Charli XCX

    i was about to say that it was japanese because i’ve always seen japanese stuff on it but then i actually went there and it is chinese?
  14. and i will actually be here for it
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