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  1. you should be worried if you DON'T get banned
  2. this is the part where the background music starts getting louder to raise suspense
  3. paris texas


    leak final swimming pool
  4. honestly it would be fitting especially when you’re already a major beacon of the fandom
  5. just found out these existed lemme take a listen
  6. the fact that lana wrote a good song (white dress) versus a bad song (beautiful) if jack produced beautiful it would probably not sound that different so don't go there
  7. i mean even black & white & grey are colors so i don't necessarily think that we're limited to b&w videos although it's certainly realistic and i wouldn't mind it if she did i really feel like when lana meant that the album was colorless is not that there's no feeling or visual vibe to the album but more that it's beyond color and we're entering the realm of depth & texture maybe the real question is what texture is the album?
  8. but those who know it & think that it's fun aren't really delusional because everyone's in on it and the vibes are vibing - hence #teamdelulu those who are actually delusional are not having a very good time right now
  9. don't apologize for being realistic like honestly i wouldn't even say that people are being delulu at this point it's turning into being genuinely delusional it's time to bring the lipsters back down to earth a bit, maybe stream TUOB while going outside for a walk, listening to the snippets we have while drinking water and touching grass just a thought
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