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  1. I don't understan how some of you can't see the connection between that red car and the whole vampire theme like
  2. Yeah, that "(Edit)" title is the one that came from the original file. As far as I can remember it came from a compilation of songs produced by Steven Mertens. It's just an alternative version.
  3. I am scared of the justifications that some of the members would take if the photo were real anyway.
  4. Coyote

    Instagram Updates

    If your father works with Covid patients and therefore you understand how serious this is and follow all the guidelines... It's not supposed that by common sense you should be more concerned with the fact that she might not be protecting herself or others?
  5. The girl who took the photo should come out to clarify everything... How come we don't have her profile / the source of the photo?
  6. Not fans photoshoping the photo with a real mask wtf they're desperate
  7. If Lana knows how impressionable and delusional her fanbase is, she should stop being so cryptic with her comments. On the other hand, a new law should be enacted that forces Lana's fans to go to the psychologist and not be so delulu.
  8. Coyote

    Instagram Updates

    I can't with this puta
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