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  1. one of the best! he's so underrated. i've been listening to him all summer
  2. Lauren Bacall

    Charli XCX

    i'm really tired of people going over and over this story. firstly, the story about the singer and the coke is from the january 2016 golden globes - a different time and occasion. secondly, an anonymous gossip site is hardly a verified source of information. telling this story repeatedly does not make it true, but means that more people hear it and accept it blindly. thirdly, this story is very misogynistic and i'm sick of hearing about it no anger at you @HEARTCORE, just think that there's a different answer to what happened in february 2017 and we'll never know what it is
  3. this is the most cursed thread title of all time
  4. what happened to being a big time believer that people can change
  5. i’m not going to be able to live post with you guys this year because i’m not at home tonight i’ll be watching it & reading all your posts when i get home
  6. it's a line from a walt whitman poem (song of myself) this was my 400th post and i didnt even realise
  7. the shipping is ridiculous but i love this film so fucking much that i did it anyway
  8. they're bob dylan lyrics
  9. Lauren Bacall


    i can see it i cant be the only one who thinks call it what you want sounds exactly like a lorde song right?
  10. the emoji makes her look like such a soccer mom i cant actually cope
  11. don't bother having any. you'll only be disappointed
  12. "don't try to be funny; other people may not understand" also it's not funny
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