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  1. Tribe and Marigold leaked while ago. I fear that this will be her worst album.
  2. Where's the alternate version of Guardian?
  3. Living another day withou The Woods
  4. Isn't Legends from 2016 too?
  5. A HQ version never leaked. I've upscaled the LQ one and added the noise for stylistics choices.
  6. Just did this using Don't Forget OG cover.
  7. The fact that only 3 leaked songs are fully finished with more than 1 verse... She probably doesn't have enough songs to make a full album.
  8. I cut you off, but you don't bleed
  9. glitch diva

    Mariah Carey

    13. Whenever You Call 14. The Roof (When I Feel the Need)( feat.Brandy) 15. Butterfly (Live from The Late Show with David Letterman) 16. My All (Live from VH1 Divas Live) 17. Fourth of July (Acapella) 18. Outside (Acapella) 19. Butterfly (Amorphous Anniversary Club Remix) 20. Honey (Another Taste of Honey David Morales Remix)
  10. glitch diva

    Charli XCX

    She's on a version of Whole New World too.
  11. glitch diva


    How do we know that IAIA is G3n15 outro? Isn't it just her grandmother speaking?
  12. glitch diva

    LIZ Y2K

    I'd love some feedback! https://we.tl/t-uITYJMg0r7
  13. glitch diva

    LIZ Y2K

    I've tried to "unmix" the songs of Cross Your Heart, and I'm satisfied with the result. I did a whole new version of Promise - using that guy's version, fixed High School Luv BPM to match with the mixtape version, and did some EQ on the tracks to make it sound cleaner. If anyone wants it, let me know!
  14. glitch diva

    LIZ Y2K

    Leak the full version of Promise.
  15. glitch diva

    Britney Spears

    She played a lot with her vocals. Even though it's not her best, I want to hear it solo.
  16. glitch diva

    Britney Spears

    We need a solo edit, tho.
  17. glitch diva

    Charli XCX

    A. G! I think they're HIFN outtakes, tho
  18. Finders Keepers sounds amazing, oh wow...
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