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  1. i hobe black bathing suit does The Trio justice and follows upbeat boppery
  2. thank you for sharing your touch on the track, i get the point but idk if i have listened to some shady LQ version or sth, but it doesn't give me such emotions at all ;c just ew
  3. i would love someone to tell me what about Dealer is good cause i want to like her music again but after hearing THAT i just cant
  4. i believe in Wildflower Wildfire supremacy
  5. stanning lana is like an acid trip, can go either way any second
  6. Rock Candy Sweet - ft. Blackpink and Lady Gaga (Sour Remix)
  7. oh lord please no more country music friends
  8. i hate it here.. what is this UK WHAT IS THIS
  9. my ranking: NFR >>> HM > LFL > UV > COCC > P > BTD > AKA its my personal view, i know putting lfl over uv might be a crime but i have so many good memories connected to that era.. im also a fan since 2015 so i wasnt here for any releases before HM
  10. i do not fit into that category, i am already grown up but i will however log off because of how toxic and close minded u are and i dont want to waste any more energy or time in trying to have a decent conversation. bye!:)
  11. well am i the one who only criticises her? i think not so i would appreciate if you didnt tell me to grow the fuck up and log off while replying to my post cause THIS is toxic, not being a negattive nancy
  12. well some people are receiving that well because its a way they feel i dont feel at all that my post that offended u so much was offensive at all, i said that what she is doing or not doing in this case, seems like she doesnt try, it gets tiring and annoying and puts her in a certain stereotype. this is how i feel and i will stand by it
  13. also let me remind yall that an artist forum is not a place to only treat the artist like some kind of god, but also to criticise and say some neggative opinions if someone feels that way.. at least thats what i thought it was, it makes room for conversation also please dont treat occasionally posting peeps like they re worse than everyday stans here, people have right to come here just before the album releases to check for some news and details and they have the same right to comment on whatever topic they want right
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