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  1. kinda sad that its so repetitive..
  2. I think that we getting the in-film snippet on 23rd and the full song along the soundtrack once season 2 ends
  3. just a friendly mental health note - please don't watch euphoria if you are a sensitive person going through some rough time, especially if you are an empath.. shit can tear u apart a bit
  4. i hobe black bathing suit does The Trio justice and follows upbeat boppery
  5. thank you for sharing your touch on the track, i get the point but idk if i have listened to some shady LQ version or sth, but it doesn't give me such emotions at all ;c just ew
  6. i would love someone to tell me what about Dealer is good cause i want to like her music again but after hearing THAT i just cant
  7. i believe in Wildflower Wildfire supremacy
  8. stanning lana is like an acid trip, can go either way any second
  9. Rock Candy Sweet - ft. Blackpink and Lady Gaga (Sour Remix)
  10. i hate it here.. what is this UK WHAT IS THIS
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