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  1. he's in Italy, Lana in the USA. jeezus christ.
  2. SOHN WILL BE PREVIEWING NEW MUSIC THROUGH A NUMBER OF SMALL LIVE PERFORMANCES IN SEPTEMBER previewing...live dude, i'm from ukraine and i need to make a fucking visa..etc. just to hear ur previews?* *i know he's not here & not reading, it's just a fuckin' scream of ma soul. why not just release it for everyone? it's unfair.
  3. he's overrated as for me. blonde is boring, i was listen to it 3 times, nothing fresh, unexpected, plus those kanye west vibes... chanel orange was good, kinda. just my opinion. i think my brain was numb when i was typing this shit he's awesome
  4. She's from Australia, she's making incredible music & she likes Lana. PLUTO (Official Video) SHELL (Official Video)
  5. ok, I changed my mind again, I like her. Castle, Haunting, Control, I Walk the Line ma favs.
  6. ok, now I'm listening to Badlands and... idk what to do, should I listen to it again?
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