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  1. I have super high hopes for the cover! Especially after NFR’s !!! One of her best ones for sure
  2. She looks the best brunette in my opinion... so F fine !
  3. I keep thinking honeymoon (album) is definitely where Lana showed her best vocals !
  4. Good night guys ! It’s already 5 am here, stay focus and team delulu for life 🤡 We have two busy days inc teammmmm :X
  5. I think she actually added some songs like change at the end, and that’s why it got delayed!
  6. Guys this is kinda off topic but this is I think my 4rd Lana era in lanaboards and I have to say thank you all for making me laugh through the years ! I’m a bit shy and not very talkative but I’m always here in my dead times, we all connected spiritually in some way <3
  7. WeIl, maybe the album was planned to be out on the 5th of September by the time she told us that , but then she decided to add new songs or change some things :/, we know she usually does that X)
  8. Omg this looks way better now ! so... today is Friday... what are we expecting hahaha
  9. Why are we so sure it’s happening something today ? I can’t remember lmaooo
  10. I think she’s actually singing Tulsa JF in the Tiktok, can someone try to write what is she saying when she moved her lips ? I think It may be a BTS from the homemade videoclip?!
  11. Don’t want to sound disrespectful ( I lover her in all her shapes <3) but could she be pregnant ? I think it’s safe to assume she would like to be a mother, and well Idk exactly how is her relationship with Sean at the moment... but just adding something to the table
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