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  1. I love the lyrics and everything but I don't like the refrain idk maybe after 100th listening to this song I'll love it fully. I just hope that this whole record won't have this radio sound?
  2. SissyReed

    Your Girl

    this song released me from the dead, made me actually sadder than i been before but somehow i have arisen after easter. jesus who?! lana you slay!
  3. Darling, all those references are on the list already but thank you Thank you I'm gonna add it later!
  4. UPDATED - "Love", "Best American Record" and "Butterflies part 2" reference I missed. the list's gonna be updated after LDR5 premiere, I hope you'll help me with the references like the last time :kiss:
  5. there's only one thing i'd love to tell lana - THANK YOU thank you for influencing me so much, for showing me other amazing artists, for being a big part of my life since i was 13. for understanding me (you were my first best friend and there were times you were the only one, you probably still are...). thank you for making me smile and dream in hard times. thank you for being my idol because life is always easier when you have one. i hope you are a happy person.
  6. SissyReed


    ??? what happened to lorde? honestly... her music used to be so dark and unique, interesting and amazing and this new song sounds like anything on the radio nowadays idk i hope it's just one song but i feel like it's not and that makes me sad
  7. last month i was on my period and took some painkiller from random girl in school who didn't even know what this pill exactly was. but it worked really fast lmao when was the last time you had a nightmare?
  8. ring finger cuz i'll never marry anyway and i'll still be able to show somebody what i think about them would you rather come back in time or go to the future?
  9. Me too haha I preferred to think it was about some bad boy cheating around the town. Cult leader makes the song kinda creepy and spooky. And happy tune only makes it worse actually Didn't know that, thank you
  10. Idk I assumed few because I haven't heard about that theory a lot And yeah you're right but I personally think that being in a dangerous cult and singing about it in a happy way just doesn't seem to match. But you're right. That's the way Lana is and that's why we love her so much I don't know if they're about the same person, probably not then but naming the song "part 2" makes you think it's kind of a sequel
  11. But at the same time if butterflies part 1 is about the same person as Butterflies part 2 then I feel like the guy from the part 1 isn't about the cult leader idk
  12. Lana said once that she knew/been in a relationship with a guru who belived in breaking you down to bulid you back up again and he surronded himself with young girls. Few people think that "Butterflies" (or at least part 2) is about that. I think that yes, some lyrics may remind of the story Lana told us: "I wanna save you, save you from the world outside" // "They say “I'll save you, save you”, but they never do" "I think you know, I want to believe you but in my heart I know that I'll leave you" "You're hot for God" "My baby has an eye for pretty things, pretty things. He thinks that little girls are butterflies and cuts their wings" "Sicko, psycho, sicko but he's my beau. Puts them on a rollercoaster, lures them in with Coca-Cola!" "Boy, you've been, catchin' butterflies,all the girls believe your lies, don't they?" "I know he know that what he's teachin' is wrong but, honey, this preacher's song has got me too far-gone" But at the same time I think that the topic is way too complicated, hard and mysterious to sing a bubblegum sounding song about it... How do you feel?
  13. I'm pretty sure there will be a song feat The Weeknd. Father John Misty would be nice as well.
  14. i love the lyrics so much, remind me of is this happiness lana said once that she's always singing about "that one person" idk if that person changed since that time but i feel like all her lyrics are about two or three different men of her life that influenced her the most and that's amazing i wonder what these men feel when they hear her songs...
  15. I just feel weird seeing other people than Lana that are not a part of some her story idk It's probably because everything she was making till now was about her and now I feel a little bit uncomfortable. But I hope I will looove that era bc I looove this song
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