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  1. babydollmeth

    Meth Love

    omg thank you, you're a lifesaver
  2. babydollmeth

    Meth Love

    could someone pleaseee help me i am desperately trying to find/download this song as well as the other newish leaks like ruby tuesday and neon palmmm, Heard- them on honeymoun’s yt but can’t find them, assume they’re down now. Does anyone have a link?
  3. And possibly "When the World Was at War, We Kept Dancing"? Also a political bop, though I don't think it's confirmed for the album yet, she's thinking about it still cause I'm pretty sure she's pondering whether it's too controversial for the album cause it's dark but I really wanna hear it tbh
  4. Annnnnnnd Sirens I'm really out of touch lmao but has life is beautiful leaked at all? and if so can someone give me a link lmao I've been on my knees praying for that song since your girl Also I bet lana and marina were talking about top secret collaboration info in that vid then they put piano over it to tease our asses
  5. I think this era isn't going to be flop now that cherry is a thing tbh, beforehand I was kinda hesitant
  6. I actually love this new song its so btd I'm actually crying it's like every album ever in one song
  7. I hope this album still has lana complaining about her life thats what I signed up for when I wrote "pretty when you cry" as my fav song in my friends quiz thing
  8. tbh I was really excited when BAR leaked, I loved it because it was sad and it had Lana's old flare. Don't get me wrong, Love is a nice song, but its too happy and major key for me, I need something dark and gloomy, or dramatic and cinematic like Ride. People were talking about her putting Yöur Girl on the deluxe version, is that completely fake or is she actually thinking of doing so? why is it whenever I write Yöur Girl without accents it changes to the bee movie script what lil meme child is behind this
  9. if rod Serling was alive he'd be so happy with Lana
  10. im im im I need this single but I really don't want the weeknd on it tbh I just want the queen to slay halsrat and all the other relevant musicians of 2017 by herself
  11. I stg if she gets rid of "Why the thousands of girls Love the way Bill plays guitar" I'm going to unstan. is it just me or does the music get better when she writes about Bill?
  12. same its too beautiful to be that short love can go die BAR is the sh*t
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