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  1. Mundo de las Aves Aviation Birds of Feather Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) Stoplight De-Lite Born to Die Radio Million Dollar Man Lucky Ones Ride Blue Velvet Gods & Monsters Yayo (Paradise Edition) Black Beauty Brooklyn Baby Is This Happiness I Can Fly Your Girl Wait for Life Music to Watch Boys To Swan Song Lust for Life (demo) Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind Get Free The Next Best American Record Don't Call Me Angel Props to anyone who can explain why each track belongs on there.
  2. Auto-Tuned Loon


    Did the good sis stutter?
  3. Auto-Tuned Loon


    nnnnnnnnnnnn Birdless Utopia? That's some speciesist, eliminationist avicidal shit right there.
  4. "Coachella" because it hints at my origin story.
  5. All y'all are rightly calling this out as racist, but where were you all when you let them label a whole bunch of viruses avian influenza or bird flu? Not just speciesist. That's literally, scientifically classist.
  6. JFC. Yet another LB user casually joking about double avicide by stoning. Your speciesism is showing. Mods! Mods!
  7. That's not really Auto-tuned and neither am I but shhh don't tell anyone I guess we're birds of a feather in that way aren't we
  8. You can't escape me like I can't escape this cage. Also smh at your gender presumptions. All I'm gonna say is I have a cloaca.
  9. ^ And people call me a loon.
  10. Here's some words for you Jim Morrison: Fuck you. Speaking of words, Michael Keaton would also like one with you.
  11. Would be better if it was "Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Auto-tuned Loon)". Hyped for Black Canary tho.
  12. Your girl murdering ostriches out here but y'all just sticking your heads in the sand.
  13. Where is this picture of this bird-killing outfit from? At this point I prefer Gaga and her meat dress. At least she wears the brutality inherent in it on her sleeve. Literally.
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