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  1. And I was just joking Lanaboards user Thunder Corpse. Not everything is confrontational OT: Living Legend SOTY
  2. Anyone who wishes the album to be leaked didn't had the Lust for Life experience, Love promotion (the first time she ever did promo after 5 years) got CANCELLED, the album got pushed back 4 months, she added features (some questionable), and Cherry MV getting shelved. Ever since then I don't wish another album to be leaked at least a month before release. But even so we all know how inevitable that is and how in the coming days we'll have the full album, some stems, a new title for an unreleased song which we'll crave for over 3 years before it leaks and maybe instrumentals if insiders feel that type of way. Trauma. I honestly deserve a Veteran discount at Walmart.
  3. Off To The Races, Shades of Cool, Heroin, Tomorrow Never Came, etc.- show how she can tell a story with a beginning and end in just one song. Melody wise, The greatest, HIADTFAWLMTH, Bartender. About production, any song off Honeymoon. The richness of sounds that album exudes still has me on chokehold ngl & her just being a musical genius? Noir.
  4. I see the 'discussions' have never changed. One of the reasons I love LB. Blue Banisters (song) is coming girls! Get your coins ready.
  5. I seek to see? Lord not even proper grammar when they're trying to troll...
  6. I, for once, don't feel the urge to overplay the released singles until I hate them and then skip them for 2 years. I'm doing fine, I don't care how long does it take lana to release the album for once in my stan career. Could be March 5th or July 21st, I'll do just fine. Is this a Lana Del Rey fanatic meltdown who has been locked up in their house for a year and the only thing they have been looking up to is Del Rey's new album and so they haven't heard the singles more than once convincing themselves it is for the greater future of them hearing that album in full and yet she decides to get into new controversy every month? Possibly.
  7. And people called me crazy when I said she should revisit her Sirens sound... Sirens: Reloaded is coming. No one is ready.
  8. I find it astonishing the lengths of delusion this fandom puts itself to. A Neil cover is completely illogical, first off we've seen Chuck's covers for THREE albums now, we're in the middle of social distancing which makes the idea of a professional album cover out of the window. Adding to that, Lana will definitely use the lockdown as an excuse to make it a iPhone 6 photo which Chuck shot in her living room while sipping Walmart's wine off a box. No, this album will not be very professional looking per-se, but I'm interested in the music sound now that the world is flooded with politics. Am I scared that Lana might have her vision clouded enough to pretend we want spoken poetry instead of songs? Yes. Am I delusional enough to think that she'll make Honeymoon: Boom Bitch The Sequel? Also yes. I just want songs to hear while I'm sitting in my kitchen, eating Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey, with my titties uncovered and sobbing to the news of the incoming end of the times. Let's wait and see how this turns out and hope for the best, as we have been doing for every event that has happened this crazy year.
  9. Having this album on the verge of being cancelled or postponed by the recent events has me thinking that maybe she shouldn't have announced it this early, and mostly at this chaotic month we're living. Would love to hear it, and hoping it has some kind of bass this time instead of rehash Born to Die beats as seen in Cinnamon Girl. Norman fucking Rockwell was a lovely album, yet it was a tender bore in some tracks. Lana should re-evaluate her sound and ask herself 'Is this as good as it gets?' because it seems she'll never reach peaks. So excited for COCC! I'm sure it'll be exquisite.
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a poetry spoken word album. Even the title has that vibe. Lol anyways let’s hope not and it’s HM 2.0. x
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