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  1. Not COCC merch but I saw you guys talking about the Love & Sadness record. I got mine in the mail today. The cover really is beautiful and the sound quality is pretty good. Some of the songs are noticeably pitched and they messed up one of the song titles on the back lol but if you collect Lana records like myself you should totally get one
  2. https://www.target.com/p/lana-del-rey-chemtrails-over-the-country-club-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-82225223#lnk=sametab Yes you can now get the red record at Target! Not really sure why it says March 5th as the release date though lol
  3. Lana’s makeup artist made an Instagram story asking people to ask him some questions so I asked him what is his favorite look that he’s done on Lana so far and he responded saying “It’s coming! Jan 11!!!” Omg this makes me even more excited because he’s seriously been killlllling her makeup looks recently! She’s going to look so damn good I can’t wait!
  4. This isn’t a cover!!! We still have hope! (still pretty dangerous for us to have at this point though)
  5. Okay so I think she sounds beautiful and I do like it. HOWEVERRRR I wish the verses were a little more different from each other. I also LOVE the bridge!
  6. Just letting everyone know, the magazine is out now and available to be purchased!!! https://interviewmag.myshopify.com/products/interview-532-lana-del-rey-september-2020?variant=
  7. Can we all take a second and think about “Contemplating at Costco the Santa Clarita fires” as a song title... wouldn’t put it past her (this is a total joke don’t come at me pls)
  8. Depending on which site you ordered from, look in the FAQs that’s where I found out how to cancel orders. I’m still not sure if I have to cancel mine since it is missing from my account? Ugh. Yeah mine says two cassettes as well... wtf
  9. I’m just so confused... I ordered the cream vinyl when the link worked. Got a confirmation email but just a couple days ago I noticed my order was no longer in my account history in my bank app but I never received an email stating my order was canceled? Has anyone had the same problem?
  10. I bought the black jacket and a lighter and the total was around 115 dollars... a bit pricey for the jacket but I’m going to be wearing the shit out of it so I think it’s worth it! Hoping since it’s preorder it doesn’t get pushed back because I want it in time to wear for the tour!
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