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  1. https://store.universalmusic.com/lanadelrey/*/*/Chemtrails-Over-The-Country-Club-Exclusive-Picture-Disc-2/6X1O0000000 try here! Depending where you are located the shipping might be cheaper. Weird thing is when I ordered stuff from the village last night, shipping was $12 and then when I ordered the picture disc today it was $11.12
  2. I didn't even get a notification she went live! omg I hate Instagram sometimes! I hope someone recorded it
  3. Thank you! I tried to order the picture disc with signed litho but they denied my card so I tried to order just the picture disc from LDRvillage and it went through so I guess I'm just not destined to get a signed litho *cries*
  4. Do you know if the French store delivers to the US?
  5. Alright I was able to place my order for the five postcard bundles, the black mug and candle... for 200 dollars... still waiting on that final picture disc... someone take my debit card away!!!
  6. It says "Check back regularly for new store openings with new drops and experiences" OH LORD HELP US AND OUR BANK ACCOUNTS.
  7. Hoping they come in black
  8. It's very hard to keep up with this thread lol but did anyone else see they added a "Dresses" category at the gift shop?! Edit: also "Tanks" and "Shorts"
  9. SAME!!! (plus some 7" records would be nice too)
  10. I can't get anything to add to my cart, it's so buggy
  11. Ahhh so many cute things!!! Here she goes again... taking all my money
  12. I'm so happy for everyone getting their shipping notifications! My Walmart picture disc is arriving tomorrow by 9pm and my Target vinyl is supposed to arrive Saturday. I have three separate orders from shoplanadelrey LOL (the Spotify picture disc, cassettes 2 & 3, and the black vinyl) I got shipping notifications and tracking for all of them I also got a shipping notification from the universal store but unfortunately there's no tracking for standard orders to the US and it says it will take 10-14 days, sometimes even up to 20 days because of COVID. So I won't be seeing my CD boxset, grey vinyl, transparent vinyl and cassette 1 for a while but I don't mind! I'm going to get the Target CD tomorrow and hehe I went to my local record shop today and they had the Indie Exclusive vinyl and CD so I bought them. I'm so excited and happy, I can't wait to listen!!!
  13. I actually just looked again. It looks like lyrics and song credits for some and then just the song credits for the others.
  14. Omgggg it looks so pretty in the light! And YES IT HAS THE LYRICS! I may in fact have to go to my local record shop and get yet another copy of this vinyl
  15. My Walmart picture disc shipped! Says it’s going to arrive by Friday night! (Happy I might be getting one of the six records I ordered on release day ) Anyone else get any info on their Walmart picture disc? Also never made a post with everything I ordered so here it goes... Black Vinyl Red Target Vinyl Grey Vinyl Transparent Vinyl Walmart Picture Disc Spotify Picture Disc Standard CD CD Box Set Cassette 1, 2 & 3 Black Windbreaker (which I got already and it is SO cute) Keychain WANT the UO vinyl but I haven’t gotten around to ordering it yet andddd I will be picking up the Target CD on Friday! Considering going to my local record shop on Friday as well to see if I can get a poster, does anyone know if they’re giving out posters in the US?
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