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  1. Kandidate

    Your Music

    Me again with my new recording. #acousticvibes
  2. Lana, Elliott Smith, David Bowie, The Beatles
  3. Kandidate

    Your Music

    Just posted them on my instagram for you. I don't know how to embed on here @karlmccannmusic
  4. Kandidate

    Your Music

    Thank you so much, you have good taste
  5. Kandidate

    Your Music

    Thought I would try and keep this thread alive. Anyone got any acoustic tracks for me to listen too?
  6. Anyone else a fan of either? Daniel has recently released his new album "FutureNever" and this track reminded me a bit of "Serial Killer".
  7. Kandidate

    Your Music

  8. I can see it on my arm in permanent ink.....
  9. Her band never learnt it It's a pretty "produced" track Would sound odd live
  10. a song about a celebrity crush and mental illness
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