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  1. wow super super lucky! if u don’t mind me asking what’s the Honeymoon skirt brand? i have the top but never looked for the skirt
  2. $2? HOW omg ur so lucky i bought most of her dresses by looking and searching but never found any dress even around $5
  3. you reminded me of her tour book i bought it literally for $25 and the seller clearly doesn’t have any idea what he’s selling that was amazing lol! thank you so much and I’ll let u know whenever i see the green/blue ones
  4. have you seen the one that was sold on ebay yesterday for almost $250? it was the cheapest option tbh i also bought the blue book when she officially released it on her store but the green was a second hand the weird thing is the you can rarely see the blue one i wonder why and it’s sold for sooooo much $$$$ ugh i hope i can find the brown one, im literally looking everyday oh my god i dont know why but this really touched me - i mean look you wanted something but never had the chance and then you bought it for its original price even when it’s rare!! happy for u x
  5. honestly there are many LDR collective pages but yours is the best for me! and i really want you to be more active cuz some how i feel like we share the same strong desire of collecting her stuff like i dont care if i wouldnt be eating tmw or if i dont even have a space for my collection i just want to collect haha and yes me too i dont really count her unofficial merch and her outfits i only count the official stuff and of course they’re my priority when im looking!! and yes i feel like 2020 was a good year for my collection i found so many reare pieces and now im only looking for the brown book and the flask they’re the only rare merch i dont have yet no pressure of course but whenever u have time try to post more often cuz i really really love ur page!
  6. @electra omg you’re one of my favorite LDR collectors!!! plus we’re almost close to get the same number of items i thought my collection is the biggest one (mine are 327 pieces and of course not including her dresses and stuff she has worn before i label them as another collection cuz they’re not merch) but we’re hitting so clooose yay🥂 i dont really like posting here tbh it takes time but i usually post on my page @lanadelreycollector
  7. do we know when she filmed that video? I feel like it was the first when she went blonde not now, and now she looks a bit slimmer & her hair is lighter
  8. see what happens when you put chuck in the front of the camera not behind the camera
  9. im speechless i was expecting something good but that was beyond AMAZING
  10. sis it’s not dat deep im an arab and i see no point on what you just claimed
  11. ppl who are TOOOOO attached to coco will never enjoy violet and the new classic album
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