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  1. @electra you’re a legend guys I didn’t really get the A-Z thing can someone explain it to me?
  2. Are you comparing someone’s photos in 2012 with 2021? sis i can see the differences between my selfies last month and today
  3. Charlie is taking chunk’s turn to learn how to take pics and discover his inner hobbies, you know classic lana
  4. And the joke is, they really think they’re feminists Pls come and see how many times they judge this woman for being above 30 Giving a woman an expiration date is the most anti feminism shit Ive always seen and women here in my country (Arabs) are suffering & forced to be married just because this judging shit who ppl think it’s okay to judge a woman by her age cuz you know you’re almost 30 act like a woman and make a family its the same type of shit but from different angle so yeah judging a woman by her age and putting a category of some of stuff she should do is against women, idiots.
  5. My friend used to has a pic of me when i was a child as wallpaper too and it’s totally fine even tho im such a sensitive person but never thought it was weird cuz hello we’re friends?? She loves my pic and loves me as well so that’s it?
  6. Let’s not forget the peaked pics of Honeymoon boxset weren’t the same ones we got eventually
  7. They remastered the song and now zella & wayes aren’t in the vocal background anymore, they’re screaming
  8. I feel like it’s not even planned they just opened the photosbop & bought some PSD mockups and put some random stuff from her photoshoots and that’s it nothing is unique until now, i really hope for some good stuff
  9. The keychains look like the one that you print from some random local shop who has a printer and print on any metallic stuff ugh why is doing this to me I didn’t complain about her NFR keychains they were ok edit: wait they’re resin keychains which make it worse
  10. You’re most welcome IKR I’m pretty sure she lost a lot of copies but later better than never at least they fixed it
  11. He just contacted me he said it’s sorted out! Now you can get the digital preorders without any extra fees hope this can make her sales go higher
  12. Hi guys remember when I said I’m gonna contact Ed about the fees? He replied to me he said they’ll fix the extra fees that they take when someone buys the digital album from her store
  13. hell yeah It was so clear that she was showing off the ring & I remember many ppl said Scorpio rising will be officially engaged/ married in 2020/2021 which is crazy
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