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  1. I think she’s says it’s not a good song because it doesn’t follow a traditional structure its a train of thought, a poem, beautiful Melodies that tell her story i compared it to a solo in a musical, she’s singing her thoughts
  2. There isn’t one bad song in the album. like after every listen I want to listen to all the songs again, and again my only complaint is that TT deserved to be as long as VB
  3. She sounds so ducking good on this album shes combining all her singing styles FUCK it sounds so good
  4. Gosh I’m so wet to listen to peppers but I need the bass to hit well so I gotta wait fuckkkkk
  5. I got COVID with one of the guys I was seeing and we saw each other again after testing positive because what else are we going to do? might as we’ll be sick together and make out. shes realllllll for that
  6. AHHHH I’m sorry you don’t like it, I fucking love it, it’s like when an orchestra is tunning up. it feels so special, they sound so good. I imagine this like it’s rehearsals and the choir is warming up, and the curtains open up and the piano and Lana come in. hopefully you get a change of heart LOL
  7. Imagine a video with the vibe of those pink waves FUCK finally getting this Color after we were robbed from the MTWBT video
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