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  1. Did the same thing a minute ago...
  2. 3:36. Is this the same Izak she is mentioning here?
  3. In Bulgarian: BTD = Родени за да Умрем ( Rodeni za da Umrem) - I am using the "We" form as it is in the context of the song. Paradise = Рай (Rai) UV = Ултранасилие (Ultranasilie) HM = Меден Месец (Meden Mesets) LFL = Жажда за Живот (Zazda za Jivot) NFR = Норман Ебан (Шибан) Рокуел( Norman Eban (Shiban) Rokuel) COCC = Следи Над Кънтри Клуба ( Sledi Nad Kuntri Kluba) - instead of chemtrails I'm using contrails which in my language translated as traces. We don't have a word for a country club. BB = Сини парапети ( Sini Parapeti)
  4. It's the same thing for the cd. Such a bummer
  5. I have yet to hear anything post BTD excluding Y&B and Doin Time playing on the radio here.
  6. Did any of the bulgarians here catch White Mustang playing on the "Фермата"? It was so random.
  7. Meh I can't agree that she is lazy towards her writing. Violet is a masterpiece. COCC has amazing lyrics, the new three singles have beautiful writing as well. Judging by Patent Leather Do-Over, Behind The Iron Gates will be another masterpiece. The snippet of Arcadia has some of her more picturesque lyrics as well. Her writing is only getting better. While the piano overstays it's welcome and it is getting boring and repetitive her writing on the other hand is thriving.
  8. Echoes of Swift's production on Del Rey's new album The clownery.
  9. ultrarescent


    It does resemble MAC. It's a fun track. Nothing super exciting. Might get some radio play since it's quite summery. But I like the ladder part of the song. I'm interested in which direction the album will go.
  10. ultrarescent

    Song vs. Song

    White Dress vs Wildflower Wildfire
  11. Not her promoting Jack's album????
  12. Was she dating Sean during the time she released VB?
  13. Damn...I thought BB was going to be a cute happy track about finding the right man only for it to turn in to another emotional rollercoaster. The lyrics pack quite the punch
  14. Meh...I'm super underwhelmed. I liked Australia, Belgium and Azerbaijan. Malta served vocals but I'm not in love with the song. Liked Ireland's stage effects and Macedonia's reflecting armor thingy.
  15. The first 2 songs of Lana's I listened to were BTD and SS (I was around 11). Hated them both and totally blocked her existence. Years later I saw HBTB music video and it made me check her other songs. Until I decided to download HM and it changed my perception of music entirely (take in account the fact that I was 14 or smth back then and didn't even know what an album was)
  16. Instead of doing my laundry I went car washing. And all the way through I was mumbling the BB snippet. It may not be the most exciting song lyrically but there is something captivating about it. Can't really put my finger on it.
  17. Oppss I'm sorry. I have absolutely no interest in football so I don't keep up with it. It's a good cause either way.
  18. Someone commented "We're sorry for mocking Blue Banisters" I think we all know why Ben posted that.
  19. I woke up at 5 AM and saw that Lana made a live video but went back to sleep. Did she say something significant?
  20. It's a snippet of a song allegedly called LA Who Am I. But we only have that particular snippet and that's it.
  21. Can we talk about how seductive Lana looks in the video. She looks like a Hollywood starlet filming a cowboy fantasy romance. Brokeback Mountain but make it straight.
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