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  1. This makes more sense. At first I thought Sean, but he seems like the type who also drives a truck so why would he get her to give up her truck? Unless it's symbolic and Lana meant 'my new truck for horses', the 'horses' being the country and he's trying to get Lana to distance herself from her life to his (L.A - Oklahoma)
  2. key limes and perfume and edibles*
  3. Don't put such beautiful thoughts in my head. I know I'll be disappointed when we don't get it
  4. Violets for Roses is THAT bitch, I've listened to it 437837597 times already and I will not stop
  5. I thought his last name was kinda french and pronounced like Coal-bear But I always call it Coal-burt bc English
  6. How have we not banned the paparazzi yet? Like any stalker behaviour would result in a restraining order or some kind of consequence. Sickos.
  7. Not her taking the piss out of her own voice lmao this bitch crazy you can't take her anywhere aha
  8. Oh wait that's Peter Del Curtis aw
  9. Not her calling Candy her surrogate mum IN FRONT OF ROB
  10. Someone ask her what kind of sound she's going to do for the next alboom it's for science
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