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  1. That selfie had 180k likes why does this bitch not want to be loved? BRING BACK THE TATAS Edit: oop okay as a big titty girl myself I can see how those comments would gross her out
  2. The UV nails...the UV jacket... The revenge of lana del rey indeed
  3. Just sent the e-mail. Now we wait I asked if they would have RCS on June 1st or anytime before then (for pre-order for example)
  4. I'm gonna e-mail HMV to see if they have RCS in their database brb
  5. The way Marina released two singles, an album cover and tracklist for her album which comes out June 11th meanwhile all Miss Lana has given us is precisely two song titles for her album which comes out June 1st
  6. I'm late to the party but my eyebrows were RAISED when I saw those Wizard of Oz aesthetics
  7. Crossing my fingers for 16/17 songs
  8. I love the snippet we got. Kinda reminds me of Bubblegum Bitch
  9. Okay I have a question for ya'll. If Lana were to rework any song from her past and put it on RCS, which one would you want it to be? For some reason I can imagine Get Drunk and Serene Queen with a more angsty guitar driven sound
  10. Lana's insta caption has made it as a twitter meme
  11. No that black narcissist line was definitely questionable lol. Like at first I genuinely thought she was talking about Azealia too because it was around this time she was beefing with her. I wouldn't have thought the line was bad if there was no beef but it was just bad timing. Let's hope RCS doesn't cause too much controversy but we still need a little
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