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  1. Thoughts? I think Lana stans on Twitter are doing rounds of fakery for clout
  2. Lana really said fuck Lizzy Grant
  3. So no one is going to talk about the engagement ring she was wearing?
  4. Tbh I always thought the reason why people distort snippets is because they don't want it to get copyrighted or something. Or if Lana's people get wind of it then the person who leaked them can say "well it's not the official audio because I put these filters over it so they can't do anything" But whatever, I'm still hoping they're real because Lana should really go into a more 'Once Upon a Dream' sound. It suits her
  5. I'm gonna Shazam them. If nothing pops up then you know it's legit Shazam is amazing at recognising songs, I literally played a song on 2% volume and it picked it up right away Update: No songs recognised
  6. The snippets hmm 1 - Very beautiful. The beginning reminds me of Body Electric in a way? Sounds like Lana af Crazy for You - Pretty 5 - Holy fuck wow. Melancholic fairytale. It's very sullen and Evanescence-esque (the piano)
  7. The way you could remake these using Aliexpress clothing and some needle and thread for under £10
  8. Songs for Lana to cover April Come She Will - Simon & Garfunkel (as well as The Boxer, El Condor Pasa and a studio version of Scarborough Fair) Suzanne - Leonard Cohen Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin Hurt - Johnny Cash (I know it's not his original song but his rendition of it Lana could definitely do) L-O-V-E - Nat King Cole Spanish Harlem - Ben E. King Ghost Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash You're So Vain - Carly Simon
  9. That snippet sounds so good wtf? I hope it is for COCC Also I tried to Shazam it and nothing came up so that's promising??
  10. The fan interaction made it to Billboard
  11. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (but in the style of Jeff Buckley's song)
  12. Since you have to be grown to vote, you shouldn't rely on celebrities to voice their political stance and expect it to sway other grown adults to vote for one party or the other
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