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  1. But this is the director’s cut. The bts and talking scenes are intentional to strengthen the theme and message they wish to convey
  2. Listening to Grandfather loud in my car late at night in the middle of nowhere is truly a one of a kind experience
  3. I think this is what she wanted to do with Black Bathing Suit but that song fell short compared to how A&W does it
  4. This is the best song she’s released in a while and I can’t even understand half of what she’s saying or what she means
  5. I can’t wait for her to release her web series travelling all around the world reviewing tacos from different taco trucks
  6. Finally managed to listen to the song with the lyrics and it’s so beautiful The thought of being forgotten and not appreciated because you’re growing old is definitely something I personally struggle now that I’m older so it makes me appreciate the song even more now
  7. Omg the track title is gorgeous if you haven’t already, go and do yourself a favour and listen to it with headphones on. It’s beautiful
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