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  1. I was not that excited for that song cause it sounds country/folk but I just broke up with my boyfriend and I’m looking forward to this song the most Anyway, WD is definitely coming this week. I hope she releases it on Monday
  2. It’s not coming today cause Lana is a Pokémon stan and does not want WD to take the spotlight away from the Pokémon presentation coming in 7 hours. But WD will definitely release next week March 5. We’ve won!
  3. No no no no no no! I don’t want to wait till 19. I dont want another countdown. I want it now
  4. My day at work has been terrible. But I feel it’s just going to get worse cause I don’t think we’re getting WD today Why couldn’t I win for once See you all again on March 12!
  5. Banned for continuing to talk about blingee wolf or whatever that means
  6. Can’t wait to be feeling like a god this Friday listening to WD reminiscing a fake memory of when I used to skate to work, waiting tables to make ends meet so I could become a famous poet
  7. I’ve just noticed your profile picture is Sylvain and it gets me all horny and bothered Some people are so lucky. The only Lana song I hear on the radio is summertime sadness smh I wish my local radio would play CoCC but that will never happen
  8. I still remember hearing the bridge for Heroin the first time had me in tears. She did that! I hope WD will have the same impact. Not so much with the melody, but with the writing and nostalgia
  9. You’re born in december I’m born in june Today is 19 announcement coming soon
  10. So TJF is WHF huh Then what’s the other song that got scrapped along with Dealer? Those five homosexuals better at least tease us with the song title
  11. I think the 'sunny' description probably means the album is just a bit happier and more hopeful by Lana's standards. And I usually do not believe any description of how the album sounds like. Not even by Lana. So it's best to just ignore the sunny description cause most of you will have a different interpretation of how cocc sounds like anyway
  12. I can’t believe we will be bopping to Lana’s saddest song in less than 10 days
  13. Users on LB have dreams about Lana a lot to the point that I feel something’s wrong with me cause I almost never have dreams when I sleep
  14. She looks so beautiful and looking like a bad ass bitch who just hurt her hand after punching a hater for calling her a trump supporter I’m really living for this hand cast
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