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  1. When insider info says the album will be “Ultraviolence with heavy guitars” and “a reworked version of YTH”
  2. Remember when a lot of people thought California was going to be a generic piano ballad when we heard the snippet? so it’s too early to tell
  3. Imagine deleting FMWUTTT and not Coachella
  4. Not some twinks thinking that they’re the only true fans cause BB sounds nothing like what they’re expecting Anyway, I’m just so happy the album is still 9.7 on metacritic user score
  5. Most of the ballads on BB are not 100% piano though. They actually have great instruments. And there’s more to a song than just the instrumentals. But if you want to unstan, go ahead. I’m sure you won’t be missed
  6. I’m actually impressed she has not blurted out the name of the next record. Especially when we had that 2 hour instagram live few days ago. Anyway, I hope we’ll finally get roses bloom for you. We’ve been waiting for so long
  7. Violets for Roses is just amazing. One of her best ballad to date. I just love the lyrics here. Even though there are better songs sonically, this is my favourite. It’s sweet, enlightening and definitely something I wholeheartedly relate. Especially the line a simple life, I chose this
  8. All of these are annoying but the complaints about her weight (and looks in general) is just unacceptable. Who cares if she’s gained weight? What matters is she’s happy and healthy. But of course some of us here love to dissect every part of her body, appearance and fashion like they’re perfect and as if their opinion is objective
  9. Lana could have just easily not promote BB at all and has any appearances if she truly lacks effort. But she sang live in the pre-recorded performance. She looks cute. She’s serving vocals. And some of you still bitch about her saying she lacks effort and she doesn’t look good. I can’t with this If you want a performer that puts on expensive outfits and dance around during every live performance, go and stan someone else. It’s not Lana. Never has been. Never will be.
  10. I can't believe we went from a lot of people hating BBS when it first leaked to it becoming number 1 in the poll
  11. Chemtrails was a great album but for some reasons I just couldn’t feel any connection to most of the songs on it. BB brings back what makes me love Lana. The connection that you feel when you listen to the songs. Every word feels genuine. The melody is beautiful and slightly chaotic. The poetry, the visuals and the emotions are all there. Such an amazing album
  12. You said I was bad Let me show how bad girls do Cause no one does it better
  13. I can’t wait to watch AJayll to react to this. I just know she will cry during Beautiful and will be scalped during Living Legend’s whywhwywhwywhwywhywhwy
  14. The last times I actually struggled to vote for favourite songs were for UV and Honeymoon. Every track from BBS to CB was a wild ride. Started of very strong and it gradually picks up from there. The least favourite for me is SC, but even that is not a terrible song by any means. My favourite moments were definitely the outro for BBS and the lyrics for both Beautiful and VFR. Such an amazing album!
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