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  1. Someone definitely said American Whore in that video 🥲
  2. Sad that the article turned out to be nothing but the cover was cute and the album will be here before we know it so no harm no foul.
  3. I enjoy discussing these lyrics so my final conclusion statement: My soul = handmade beauty marred = sealed up My body = man made walls She’s saying that the handmade beauty of the tunnel being sealed up by man made walls is equivalent to her body marring her soul (her soul, her true self being the tunnel she doesn’t want to be forgotten)
  4. I am on team “marred” because how I interpreted it was “my body marred my soul” = “handmade beauty sealed up by two man made walls”
  5. But that line won’t make any sense: “I can’t help but feel somewhat like my body, mind, my soul” what does that even mean
  6. They really had nothing better to do than complain about a cartoon M&M’s shoes.
  7. Her comment is most likely a bit of sarcasm and like she’s saying “ohhh what could be shared in it” already knowing what’s in it.
  8. To me it is her saddest song ever. The bridge?
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