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  1. Norman Fucking Rockwell! Ultraviolence Blue Banisters Chemtrails Over the Country Club Paradise Honeymoon Lust for Life AKA Born to Die
  2. I totally failed to consider QFTC (because I have erased that from my brain lol), so thanks for the correction. You're totally right on that point and I think that's way more accurate than how I said it. (However, I don't think the lack of press around her newer music projects are from fear, I think publications like Pitchfork are just kind of over it at this point, and partly for good reason. But I don't think they're really afraid to write about her at all.)
  3. I think there was such a post-NFR letdown from Chemtrails and those three singles that some publications like Pitchfork chose not to review/give much attention to Arcadia. There will always be media attention around Lana, but there seems to be a little less nowadays. I think a lot of music critics just don't care as much anymore. People who like her will always like her, and those don't probably won't start now. NFR kind of felt like a peak for her career: she was getting all of the media attention she got during that early BTD to Ultraviolence era but instead of it being confused or negative, it was largely positive. Chemtrails kind of broke that stride and I suspect BB will really end it.
  4. I don't think they ever do this. Occasionally, if an artist surprise releases an album or releases w/o any singles, Pitchfork will award a Best New Track at the time of the album release (example: Solange's Almeda). But that's not a typical thing that happens.
  5. They do this all of the time, even with albums they don't like. The Insta post is just linked to an older article about music coming out this fall (the article says the date for BB has yet to be announced). I'm still expecting a mid 7 and (obviously) no Best New Music title lol
  6. I'm having a hard time ranking the songs because I'm having a hard time enjoying the album but: Is anyone else not feeling the album? I feel so left out, although I'm really happy everyone seems to love it!
  7. This is a highlight of the album to me. I don't know why. It just is!
  8. Her vocals have been the highlight for me on the past two records! I love the more experimental, raw vocals on songs like White Dress
  9. Edit: No one come for me; I never said it was a bad album. I like the album!
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