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  1. Your tone is weirdly negative It's ok if you don't like the song but it seems like you're trying to CONVINCE people she's doing something wrong
  2. People are being sassy for nothing, ANYWAYS !!!
  3. Nah you guys are being negative for nothing but whatever, fallout from yesterday's hype I guess
  4. Well I can't really understand how you guys can already say the font is ugly without a visual context etc ? Just wait, don't be so gloomy so quickly
  5. hm I could say the same and proclaim myself an insider
  6. Guys, don't you think she'd had Ocean Blvrd released earlier if it really was on LDR9 ? Like, would she take such a huge risk ? The snippet been out for 3 months, that would be unconscious of her, it could have entirely leaked since september
  7. Hmhm true that. But if Ocean Boulevard is really coming on Friday she's been taking high risks not releasing it earlier (since the snippet has been everywhere for almost 3 months)
  8. but why would she use a song with a snippet/leak already circulating online as a single... hmmm idk
  9. I follow him on twitter and haven't seen him saying that
  10. I just know Neil went all out for the album cover...
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