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  1. I have just thought about this one, Lana would definitely listen to it:
  2. Love the concept! These are some songs/artists she referenced or she may listen to that you should add:
  3. White Dress: 20 Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 5 Tulsa Jesus Freak: 19 Wild At Heart: 18 Dark But Just A Game: 15 Yosemite: 15 + Dance Till We Die: 16 -
  4. 1. 13 beaches- 10 - 2. 24- 10 3. American- 9 4. Art deco- 10 5. Bartender- 11 + 6. Beautiful people beautiful problems- 10 7. Bel air - 10
  5. White Dress: 10 Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 10 Tulsa Jesus Freak: 10 Let Me Love You Like A Woman: 10 Wild At Heart: 10 Dark But Just A Game: 10 Not All Who Wander Are Lost: 11 Yosemite: 10 Breaking Up Slowly: 10 Dance Till We Die: 9 For Free: 10
  6. Tulsa Jesus Freak, Yosemite & Not All Who Wander <3
  7. LFL aged like milk but it already did when it released
  8. Beat Poetry

    La Femme

    Btw, one of their ex-members, Clara Luciani, made a french cover of 'Blue Jeans':
  9. Libération Next, Interview and Grazia 2017 are still on sale. PM me if interested
  10. Fuck Coachella Marry Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight Kill Go Go Dancer Body Electric Gods & Monsters Bel Air
  11. hi there! i'm selling the few extra copies of lana magazines that I own. All of them are in near mint condition (excepting maybe the Interview one which has a slight scratch on the bottom left corner, it came like that in the mail - see picture). I'm based in France and I can send them about anywhere as long as it's safe. I took the picture on a hurry so it's a bit blurry, but I can take more detailed ones if needed. Please DM me for offers as I need money more than in my entire life atm... lol
  12. I'm French, and I live in a huge city in France. It was very complicated in here, we have a lot of Covid cases, as in many countries. Plus, there was a shortage of masks and hospital equipment. The quarantine ended on Monday (May 11th). Only shops opened, and schools in some regions. But restaurants, bars, theaters and many other public places stay closed until further notice. It's pretty strange. I'm happy I can walk again, cross the streets and see new faces, but people are still strained. Most of the shops don't let people without masks in, and they can't welcome too much people at the same time, depending on the store area. So people are queuing outside. I wear a mask only when I'm in a store or in a closed space because I wear glasses and it's REALLY uncomfortable as it makes moisture on them when I'm wearing one. (Am I the only one?) I fear a second wave, and I also fear the consequences from this phase. I know a lot of people who fear losing their job or their store, all of those small businesses. The government said they would help them all and that "none business will close down", but it's delusional... And as always, the poorest will pay the price and it saddens me a lot.
  13. Bartender is in my top 3 from NFR.
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