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  1. Guys I have a little theory... We know that lana was shooting smth in desert and by the time that was happening she had a blonde hair.. after a while when she broke her arm her hair was already darker... so I’m thinking maybe she is playing both young (Lizzy) with blonde hair and then grown herself (Lana)... idk it’s just a theory.. but i think that would be cool.
  2. I love and adore that song... Joan's voiceee but I think for free fits her vocals more... especially her high register.
  3. Tbh I’m really loving folky elements on title track.. that subtle folky guitar and string is so so warm and touching.. I would love that in other songs too.. it really reminded me guitar and strings from bob dylan’s discography and yeah from joan baez too. but of course it has that LANA MELODY and etherial feel that makes it so special and unique.
  4. I’m so drunk and I’m listening to COCC guys I’m ugly crying rn.... please I can’t explain how amazing this song is I feel unexplainable feelings after the second verse.. it just takes me elsewhere and I can’t hold my tears back.. she has that amazing talent of creating melodies that makes you feel hundreds of different emotions at the same time I love you Lana and I love you guys all!!! your crazy TJFreak
  5. march 19 is 2 months from now.......so...... by the time this album is released I think she will record couple of songs. and on march 20th she will be like I have an idea of a record...... which will be released at the top of next year and then we all know the drill.................. And btw that neil krug cover also really fits as a white dress single cover
  6. Yas cuz she already recorded 87 demos after she saw magazine headlines
  7. Guys now it makes perfect sense why she scrapped dealer from this album
  8. And I think it will be cohesive, really beautiful album!! I already hear how last part of this song connects with TJF
  9. So Guy’s I’m in the ICU I have post-COCC syndrome after hearing song. Anyone please visit me doctors are saying there’s no hope cause that shit slapped me so hard.
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