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  1. Arcadia still amazes me and it being Lana's favorite track makes so much sense since it is poetry at its finest as the metaphors are very subjective but not hard to interpret and get, plus the outro's a persevering & sweet "fuck you" and a display of confidence in reference to carry on. It's a comforting tune <3
  2. Text Book: great opener and lyrical masterpiece. 9/10 Blue Banisters: I found this one kind of boring when it dropped but now shes grown on me. 7.5/10 Arcadia: GORGEOUS and confident track, really like its melodies. 10/10 The Trio: bop 9/10 BBS: its darkness and chaotic soundscape are it. The outro is one of her best. 9/10 IYLDWM: nice melodies but it's kinda boring to me. 7/10 Beautiful: I find this ballad cheesy and monotonous, but she's there!. 5/10 VfR: another gorgeous song & I really appreciate her vocal delivery and lyrical content. 10/10 Dealer: I got shocked by her screams tbh. I couldnt stand Miles' voice but I currently dont mind him, both snapped. 8/10 Thunder: I prefer the demo but the album version is lovely and fits better into it sonically. 7.5/10 WW: her most unique masterpiece production-wise. I really really love this tune sm. 11/10 NOTGS: wish she would've re-worked her but still a nice track since its leak. 8/10 Living Legend: ^ Cherry Blossom: ^^ Sweet Carolina: kiiinda meh to me but she's there! 6/10
  3. Isn't this remix part of ADIAML deluxe tho
  4. Venus Fly Trap


    Incendio is so good, but I cannot wait to hear KICK II's lead single! Very excited to listen to a song from that album
  5. Yasss another relatable sad anthem I can unhealthy listen to repeatedly
  6. Venus Fly Trap


    Rip La Exorcista
  7. Venus Fly Trap


    The melody of this track is generic, it doesn't feel like an Arca song tbh Anyway, QUEMA INCENDIOOOO
  8. Venus Fly Trap


    Few points I'd like to put out: 1. Incendio is great and hilarious but in an enjoyable form lol 2. KiCk ii's artwork amazed me 3. Piel is one of her best songs (Top 10-speaking) and I won't accept any discussion since it's a fact 4. Arca orgullo venezolano nojodaaa
  9. in arcadia arcadia all roads that lead to u as integral 2 me as arteries that pump the blood that flows straight to the heart of me america america i can't sleep at home tonight send me a hilton hotel or a cross on the hill ima' lost lil girl finding my way to ya arcadia
  10. I feel like I'm the only one who isn't excited for this project
  11. Flowers in my hair, and your breath smelled like whiskey Promise anywhere that I go, take you with me Dancing on your feet, like a child, to the radio Hello, hello, where did you go? vs. My father never stepped in when his wife would rage at me so I ended up awkward but sweet Later then hospitals, stand still on my feet Comfortably numb, but with lithium came poetry
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