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  1. Just saw this on FB. So because Mike follows him, that means he's his friend. See the damage of following him does without repercussions for his bizaare actions? He think Lana, Ed and Mike are his friends and agree with his crazy self. Yes. Sean confronted him at a Grammy party and Ricky cowered away from Sean. Sean literally towers him. All that talk he does on instagram and he cowered from Sean. Lana didn't stop Sean from confronting him either. lol
  2. She's waiting for this psychopath to break into her house and steal stuff. So far he drives by her house every night and stands in front of it. He follows her to church. He hasn't crossed over to jumping the fence/gates and wandering in her garden. That's when she puts the restraining order. I think she should do it ASAP and not wait until he snaps.
  3. I missed that. What is he saying about Honeymouns? Honeymouns doesn't stalk Lana's home or follows her to a church. He just leaks photos and unreleased old songs. That's harmless. Terrible at protecting their artist.
  4. If you are still on instagram, send Ed and Ben a message with this video. The more people who send them messages about this the better. If anyone knows Churchomes contact info, post it. I tried googling it and I don't know which one it is since there's several of them in California.
  5. Thank you for proving these with his username attached. I wish Sean had been there.
  6. That video says it all. Lana doesn't want anything to do with him. She stands behind the security guy and her friend stands in front of her saying "no" repeatedly. Lana says be careful then security tells her to get in the car. If she wanted to have a conversation with this psychopath she would have told her friend and security to stop and let him talk to her. He probably jumped into his car and followed her home. I wouldn't be shocked. This has already escalated. Her privacy has been violeted over and over again by fans. The poor woman is going to need to move from that house.
  7. I lost a lot of family members over the years, including my mother in January of this year. The last thing I thought about was Lana. Not to be cruel but Lana was not on my mind. What was on my mind was my mom, how many years she suffered with alzheimers, how much in debt will I be with funeral services, can I afford her cremation, and will I make enough for rent? I even stopped coming to this site for a while because of grief and I didn't have it in me. Dat1guitarguy is a disturbed individual and I have been yelling about this on this forum for years now. I don't want Lana to end up like Christina or Selena.
  8. He is so sick he videotaped and sent several Lana fans on DM videos of him driving by her house and standing in front of her home. I guess he wanted to showoff that he knew where she lived to other Lana fans. Those videos ended up being shared around which is how I saw them and told Ben. I'm no longer on instagram and shut down my page after I told Ben what was going on. Ed following him is fine but Lana following him is making him think they are close and good friends. That's why he was trying to grab onto her in that new video in Churchome. "you know me".... She needs to unfollow him ASAP so he can stop thinking they are BFF's. He refers to Robert as his father in law for christ sakes!
  9. Why are people hiding his instagram name here? We all know who he is so does Lana, Ben, her family and even Sean who confronted him at the Grammy's party. Jesus Christ, how many of us sent Lana and Ben messages about Ricky (Dat1guitarguy) stalking her?????? How he loves to boasts to people on instagram that he drives by Lana's HOME EVERY NIGHT AFTER WORK? That he goes to Churchhome and sits there the whole night watching Lana when he sees her drive by there. The guy knows her every move because he knows where she lives. He even stands in front of her home for hours peering into her garden. He boasts about all this crazy shit for years and gets reported to Lana and her people and they still do nothing. Look how he stalked her to Churchome again. He probably was parked across the street from her home and followed her there. Again. Thank god her security was there. What would have happened if he wasn't there? That girl who was with Lana also tried to protect her. She needs to stop being nice to everyone. Unfollow this psychopath, put a restraining order and cut him out compleletly. If she doesn't she's going to end up dead in the hands of a fanatic like Selena and Christina Grimmie. His Tik Tok is still opened. https://www.tiktok.com/@dat1guitarguyy
  10. 2022 has been the year of deaths. I lost my mom in January. Ronnie Specter dies. Nichelle Nicoles. Olivie Newton John and all 4 of my guinea pigs died. They were all 7 years old. Old age. Now the queen who I share my birthday with. May she be at peace. I shed a few tears at work today.
  11. What a gorgeous photo!
  12. Her voice sounds amazing.
  13. This should be the album cover. It's sickening how she entertains one of her biggest stalkers online.
  14. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Sorry about that.
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