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  1. So far my favoritres are: AW Candy Necklace Jon Batiste interlude Paris Texas Mind you, this is from my first listen. The others will take longer to sink in.
  2. Shirley Manson supported Raye and Jojo when they had that happened to them but she has never said a word about Sky. Red Lips was written by Shirley for Sky, you would think she would say something especially with the Free Sky people badgering her everyday in her comments. Zachery Cole blames himself for the lost of her career. I never believed she had no idea he was a heroin addict. Like you can easily tell who's a junkie. Also she was looking pretty bad those days. I doubt she was doing that purposely for the tumblr crowd.
  3. It's not wrong when LANA IS THE ONE RELEASING IT ON HER OWN ALBUM BOOKLET. The dingbats online are the one who get the lyrics wrong.
  4. The album is officially released in Europe so I'm listening to it on Spotify Russia. Anyway, I'm listening to it right now. The piano transitions to many of the songs is stunning. First thing that pops in my mind is how I wish I understood what Lana was saying. Lots of mumbling in some of the songs. This is why she needs to release lyrics in her albums. Anybody who bought physical copies of the album please let me know if the lyrics come in the booklet artwork? Maybe this time she added them?
  5. She looks ridiculous. Let me see her try this clownery during a 98 degree - high huminity - festival show.
  6. The last time Charli saw Sky on her porch -
  7. What did you expect? No really, what did you expect? It's going to be on Ebay in a few days.
  8. The Free Sky people aren't helping her case. The whole "she's been kidnapped or hostage" story is gross. She's not kidnapped or hostage. She's lazy, stubborn and hardheaded.
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