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  1. Was going to same the same. Her name being slapped right in the middle of the album cover with that fugly font is what ruins it for me everytime, so it doesn't matter if the pic is better.
  2. I like Olivia R. and hope she wins. Selena was nominated for her Spanish album which is cool. First time for her. Not shocked that Chem wasn't nominated at all. It's her weakest album.
  3. Jack was nominated for producing Chemtrails, Taylor and Lourde's albums. https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/2022-grammys-complete-winners-nominees-nominations-list
  4. Yes I hope so! I really loved her first poetry book!
  5. Lana's been bizarre since she lost the Grammy to Billie.
  6. 1 - That dog has seen things in his short life. 2 - Jack is back. 3 - Lana is the only person I seen looks gorgeous lying back. She needs to make a professional album cover with that pose. 4 - That album cover with the wolf should have been the OFFICIAL album cover for Chemtrails (but in color). Gorgeous photo!
  7. She's probably just exhausted from all the promotion she's been doing. That can explain her lack of energy.
  8. You do know I didn't mean literally right? Duh, of course he can quit.
  9. I forgave her laziness for several days when I saw the BB album cover with her dogs. It's really a beautiful album cover. But I agree 100% with what you said. Her visuals are pretty awful now and I even fear looking at her music videos in case it ruins the song with me. For example, Arcadia video 1. That cringy video ruined the song for me. I'm a very visual person. Then version 2 came out and it was better. COCC is a disaster. Not even the Neil Krug album cover does anything for me. I think if I was Lana's manager I would have thrown myself in front of a truck. I don't have patience for laziness and poor visuals. Ben must have the patience of a saint.
  10. The new video slapped hard with nostalgia. Very 90's. Love it.
  11. I totally agree. But with Tulsa, Wild at Heart being included on Blue Banisters too, with better production. Chemtrails is such a waste. She could have gotten away with it better had it been a 5 song EP.
  12. Everytime this thread is updated, I think it's new album news.
  13. Just leaving this here
  14. If it had more instruments in it with Dan Aubach producing, the song could be better. I like California but I always said it leaves you flat. There's something missing. Even Ajay on Youtube said something similar. The best part of the song for me is Lana's vocals in the chorus.
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