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  1. i've listened to LMLYLAW a dozen times now and i still can't get into it which upsets me because i really like the mood of the song along with the message. BUT i also felt this way about venice bitch. i actually really disliked it and was surprised so many people loved it. the length wasn't an issue for me, but every time i listened to it, i would look forward to it ending because i felt as if the song goes absolutely nowhere after the second chorus. now, i don't mind it and actually appreciate it given the songs it's sandwiched between on NFR!. I just hope the same thing happens with LMLYLAW bc i haven't actively avoided listening to a song lana has put out since Flopchella
  2. this is sending me somewhere. idk where but it's somewhere lust for life is proof she shouldn't do political songs bc they don't sound genuine. especially given her stunts these last few months. just give us the midwestern bangers!!
  3. i am so sick of this puta. seeing her post throwback pics that look like they were taken with a 2003 nokia phone invokes indescribable rage. i actually had to unfollow her because of the lack of interest she provides. anyways nothing is coming, idk why people even ask about new music on her insta, she constantly lets us down lmao
  4. the chorus ruins it but perhaps it'll be a grower like venice bitch was for me
  5. How has this shit not leaked yet keep delaying and someone is gonna drop that dbree link soon, babe
  6. Party Favor

    Charli XCX

    i know we pretend sucker doesn't exist, but need ur love is amazing. dnt quote me
  7. wayamaya, come when you call me america, and trash magic
  8. Love Me or Hate Me - Kelsy Karter
  9. Pls save Elle the energy and move to random conversation or random Lana conversation threads. Just tag the person you’re replying to that way you won’t get in trouble anyways I don’t want any collabs tbh. Just something dark, nitty gritty, in tune to the vibes of aka. I don’t really think any artist i can see Lana collaborating with would even sound good on cocc
  10. Party Favor

    Song vs. Song

    sad girl vs. cinnamon girl
  11. no shade since the poems are cute, but literally everyone is a nyt best selling author
  12. that sounds like something i would write when i was 13 and thought i was gonna be a famous singer
  13. spare david kahne tracks, anyone? please, spare david kahne tracks
  14. pls do not put chuck shooting the album cover out into the universe we do not need more negativity
  15. I wonder if there’s anything pre AKA left to leak. I know nobody really cares about her old, old material but it’s always interested me
  16. the way this album was never coming out on september 5th, regardless of there being a pandemic or not
  17. Don’t you have some feet to lick, stinky
  18. tbf though, the hate taylor got for years didn't really come from anything she did other than being a pretty white girl who wrote hits about boys. her controversies weren't really more than "she said bad thing about a girl when she was 18 :(" and callings her a snake which then ended up not even being true edit: im sure there's other things but compared to the things lana has done recently (key word there) they're pretty lukewarm.
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