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  1. this is honestly the expression I make to anyone when I wanna go do something fun/ start playful mischief what does it mean Ms. Lanita mischief confirmed for LDR9 it's coming u lil' bitch she said
  2. That’d be great, hope he releases it then. A little side release before the album
  3. What I wanna know what happened to that I want u to play w me song
  4. I miss album trailers I almost forgot those existed for her releases we need one of those too its been too long
  5. I remember pacing the snippets each time when NFR came along so maybe 1 per like a couple of months to 3 would be enough for me anyway bring em oooooooonnnn
  6. Personally, I’d love some vid snippets thru her sosh acct but i think a lot of others wouldnt be able to handle not listening, but I’m on team vid/snippet.
  7. Pat I’d love to solve is it cockss
  8. Idfk what’s happening but I just wanted to say i’m still excited nonetheless maaaaaaaaaybe if something were to be teased, I’d want to see her name’s title font, and I wanna say the number of tracks but that could change a lot more so Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel n say just her name title font for the album
  9. Mm mm extrapolate mm mm plastic bag mm mm extrapolaaaaaaaaaate mm mm yeahuhhhhhhh
  10. We need more deets, an album photoshoot peek
  11. i laughed at this cus i didn't really plan on remembering this but then u mentioned it and i somehow just remembered is that deja vu?
  12. I'm real excited for her to explore newer territory. I feel like ever since NFR she's undergone a whole lot of changes and it might be a bit daunting for her when she mentioned the less amount of ideas or rather quickness of them than before, but what i'm more interested in more specifically is what she'll follow up from bb from before.
  13. when u said this i immediately thought of get free and venice.
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