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  1. 'side from the singles n what we've already heard. Violets for roses Black bathing suit Sweet Carolina Beautiful
  2. im kinda worried about beautiful tbh. but then again. love song and change are nice tracks so she'll probably do it justice. it just gives off a meta kind of feel like im hoping it's not too literal and more encompassing than just physical beauty or maybe delves into something else idk
  3. i'm pacing myself n still listening to arcadia and it's so satisfying to hear when she sings heeeeeeeeeeee eeeehhhhhh eeeyyyyyy baby leeeeeeeeeeeetss gooooooooo
  4. Yessssss n yeah same, it'd just add to how magnificent it'll be with the music yeah
  5. i know the album's comin in like a month but what i really wanna know is there a vinyl booklet. and if it's gatefold, what the image is gonna beeeeee universe cmon n do us a soliiiiid
  6. i actually think a lot her song productions are pretty spot on, not to reflect so much the music of today, but to serve as a genuine expression of who she is as an artist. it's actually another redeeming quality about her music to not get so lost in what's trending, but true and self-respectful to who she is as an artist. oh also, BUS's actually real great, but there's just something about Nikki's voice that sorta brings me out of that sort of world and I personally don't like it. they sound great, but yeah two cents bout that.
  7. Im kinda hoping he has a speaking part for some kind of cinematic effect
  8. Arcadia makes me wanna drive to *pause for effect* Arcadia n microwave cheese frolic amongst some cypress trees lounge eat grapes and then get run over by the love of my life while the birds are singing Arcadia…
  9. forgot we actually have arcadia imma listen to it 'gain now
  10. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yessssss Brendaaaaaaaa yeah I’m hoping for some picture discs too eventually
  11. So was there ever a blue vinyl for BB or was it the COCC rsd version im being immature im chuckling at the sentence rn
  12. whuht cruel wurld is this nectur of thuh gauuuuuuhauuuuuuu auuuuu auuuuuds
  13. want BBS to make me feel like an expensive sexy ass divorcee
  14. ohmygod. like b safe but that sounds so exciting. viiiiiiiiiiibing this
  15. my chest the sierra madreeee heeeee heeeeeyyyy my curves SanGa^briel all daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy ARCAAAAAAAAAAAAAADIAAAAAAAAA ARCAAAAAAAAAADIAAAAAAAAA
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